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Review: MyMix2Go, Changing the Portability of Snacks and Powders

mymix2go review

If you have ever used a powdered supplement, chances are you’ve experienced spilling it in your car, in your gym bag, on yourself, on the floor, or just about anywhere else when trying to fill your water bottle. Yes, the convenience of a shaker cup is nice because of the wide top and cap, but if you forget a shaker cup and have to turn to a water bottle, you have more than likely tried the “hand funnel” or the “fold up a sheet of paper and pour” method. Rather than messing around with those methods, let us offer you a much safer, cleaner, and more sanitary way of transporting and pouring powders (and more)!

Introducing MyMix2Go, the convenient 3-part powder and snack container that allows you to easily transport and dispense powders and snacks with ease. We have not personally reviewed a container and funnel that is as versatile and unique as the MyMix2Go product.

It’s the little things

We are going to start first by taking a look at some of the unique aspects of the MyMix2Go container, rather than how it works.

First off, the container is food grade, BPA free, dishwasher safe, pet friendly, water resistant, and pretty much life-proof. The container can be put into a dishwasher for easy cleanup without worrying about whether or not it will melt, or whether the structural integrity of the product will be compromised. Given that it is BPA free, it’s completely kid and pet friendly and if you have a little one that starts chewing on it, there’s no risk of any type of poisoning. We give some major props to My Mix for making it BPA free and spending a little extra money on production to ensure the consumers can toss it in the dishwasher if necessary. One thing we do want to mention is that although it is water resistant, it is not not designed to hold liquid. Dropping this in a puddle or a pool or the sink will protect whatever you have inside of it, but putting in some sort of liquid and carrying it around is not the suggested use. The container also comes with a keychain carabiner on the top half so you can easily clip it on to a gym bag, backpack, belt loop, or what have you, for easy on-the-go convenience. MyMix2Go took the time to add all these features in order to provide you with the best possible funnel/container possible.

How does it work?

Let’s take a look at the 3 parts that make up the MyMix2Go container and how it can be used.

The product is broken down into an upper area, lower area, and the cap. The two areas are identical and the bottom half contains a 25cc and 50cc marker on it. The overall size of the MyMix2Go container is about the size of a computer mouse and can hold about 2 full scoops of protein powder or about 120cc of powder. The bottom half of the container can actually double as a scooper, either to fill up the container, or to scoop protein powder into a shaker. The two sides clasp together with a clip on either side that “snaps” on; so, make sure when clasping it together you listen for that *snap* sound. The cap creates a very air tight seal on top and just needs to be twisted until it is tight.

Now for the fun part of the container. The "in-funnel" system!

The “un-funnel” system works unlike any other disposing product that we have seen. When you open up the cap, rather than a traditional funnel design, the MyMix2Go top is actually designed to go OVER the top of the water bottle when pouring. Rather than sticking the “funnel” piece into the water bottle, you can slightly tip the bottle and the container to completely cover different sized water bottles tops.

But why is that feature important???

The patent pending design was created because MyMix2Go realizes that some powders, especially protein powders are dense and don’t always funnel down the way they should. By using a wider top “funnel” that fits over the top of water bottles, it still creates the funnel effect without making the hole smaller and potentially clogging up the neck of your bottle. We were able to test this with protein powder, pre-workouts, aminos, and just about any other powder you can think of and we can say, this design definitely helps the flow of the product into the bottle.

The bottom half of the container was designed to be translucent so that you are able to see how much powder you have remaining in the bottom. This design idea is especially useful if you put multiple scoops of a product into the container, and works as a great way to measure what you are putting in to your bottle.

So, it just carries powder?

Definitely not.

One of the coolest things about the MyMix2Go is you are not limited to just using it to carry powders. The container is big enough to put in snack items such as goldfish or mini crackers, fruit snacks, trail mix, dog treats, pills or capsules, baby formula, and so on! The neck and top of the product is large enough to easily dispense the items inside, but the container itself is small enough to be extremely portable and easy to carry.

We have already mentioned that the bottom half of the container is great for scooping, but what about the top half? Well, the top half can be used the same way a traditional funnel is used; placed on top of a water bottle for easy scoop transfer. It also makes dumping packets of powder such as single serving pre-workout, crystal light packets, or anything else very easy and mess free! The top actually works excellent if you are pouring liquid between bottles also. This can come in handy if you are looking to pour soda, wine, or anything else from a large bottle into a smaller bottle for easy portability.

What options do I have as far as colors?

mymix2go review

As of right now, you can mix and match your colors to create a custom mix when ordering your MyMix2Go

Cap- Red, White, Black

Lid- Red, White, Black

Cup- Red, Black, Blue, Pink

Don’t worry, if you don’t see a color you like now, MyMix2Go will be offering more colors in the future.

One of the great things about this company is that they also are willing to work with you if you place a large order. They have options for custom colors depending on the order size and are open to partnership opportunities. If you are looking to get a custom made MyMix2Go container for your store or shop, you can contact them directly and they will set up special pricing for you!

This company is truly looking out for the best interest of their consumers while offering such a useful and convenient product.

We absolutely love the MyMix2Go containers for so many reasons. The first is that one of these super convenient containers only cost $6.50 with shipping only being $1.50 on top of that. Plus, if you use the code NOMESS right now you’ll get 20% off of your order as well! We also love the fact that this makes funneling your powders into water bottles so easy. The wide hole that fits directly over the bottles' top makes scooping powders so simple and virtually mess free. The container itself is small enough to carry in just about any gym bag although with the keychain it can hang off the side, yet big enough to hold almost 2 scoops of protein powder. Don’t forget, you can use this for more than powders. MyMix 2 go holds over a few handfuls of trail mix, fruit snacks, or small crackers such as goldfish! The color selection is pretty cool and there’s a color for just about anyone. Whether you’re a top-level athlete who is looking to make sure all of their supplementation is in line or just a stay at home mom or dad making sure they have baby formula for the walk with their little one, MyMix2Go is the perfect product for you!



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