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JOANY Insurance Platform: Making Healthcare Easy

joany healthcare concierge

One of the most difficult and important decisions in life is selecting the right health insurance for yourself or your family. It seems like there’s either a million choices out there or you have very limited options; and regardless you end up picking the wrong one.

Consultations or finding guidance on which plan is right for you can seem just as confusing and may even leave you feeling hopeless. Rather than going at it alone, let JOANY, the online health care concierge and assistant, help you to find the right health care that fits all of your needs.

JOANY is an online platform that makes finding and buying health insurance so easy and transparent, that virtually anybody can do it. Not only is JOANY easy to navigate, but if you run into any trouble while moving through their site, they have an online chat assistant who can help answer any of your questions.

With JOANY, you’re not just dealing with random algorithms spitting out insurance policies that may or may not be what you need, but you’re getting a website that uses collected data AND human power to find you exactly the right health insurance to fit your needs.

JOANY offers the most comprehensive database of health insurance plans available, and get this; it’s FREE. That’s right, this website is completely free from start to finish. No hidden fees, no asking for credit card data, no hounding you constantly with emails or selling your information. JOANY provides YOU with the easiest selections of affordable health insurance options tailored exactly to your individual needs. Did we mention they have a healthcare “concierge” that looks out for your best interests as well? No this isn’t an infomercial, but wait, there truly is more.

JOANY not only takes the guesswork out of health care, they help you to truly understand aspects of health care by explaining things such as individual coverages, deductibles, premiums, and how all of this applies to you. Need we say more?

What separates JOANY from other health care providers or platforms?

The answer is simple, JOANY caters to your specific needs and provides you with the best possible health care you can get. JOANY won’t set you up with a cookie cutter program. Instead, by using your information and all possible variables as a guide, JOANY looks to provide you with the best possible health care plan and will constantly keep you updated if anything changes. They take a look at all of the different information regarding your health including medications, how frequently you’ve been to the doctor in the past few years, and recent medical history.

JOANY’s extensive health care database is always updating and providing you with information about your current coverage, what is or isn’t covered, any FAQ’s about your health care, your billing and costs, and even helps you find physicians and clinics in YOUR area to assist you when needed. Did we mention all this and more is completely free of charge? I’m sure we did, but that’s just the icing on the cake with JOANY’s healthcare platform.

JOANY is introducing a program that has never been seen before in the health care system.

JOANY has created a healthcare concierge system which will provide all subscribers to continuous aid throughout the year. This concierge system is open to any consumers who use JOANY to find healthcare, as well as those who may ALREADY have their own plan. This concierge team works with you and works for you to answer any questions you have about your plan at any time. They also help to contest billing errors you may incur from doctor’s visits as well as explain payment plans and options. The concierge system helps you to find doctors, check what is covered in your plan, and helps you plan your next step whether you’re going for a yearly check up or have a family emergency. The concierge system is unlike anything we have ever seen before in the health care market. Instead of waiting in long lines of an insurance office or sitting on the phone waiting for what seems like hours, JOANY’s healthcare concierge is right at your fingertips 24/7.

joany healthcare review

With JOANY, there is absolutely no more waiting, confusing phone calls or emails, or limited plans. With JOANY, your healthcare options will be as vast as the information provided to you with every plan. What more could you ask for from a healthcare platform?

JOANY does it all; they find you the perfect plan, and their concierge service provides assistance with anything you could think of regarding your current plan. If you’ve read this far but haven’t enrolled yet… what are you waiting for?

With open enrollment dates being pushed back significantly, in fact, cut in half from 90 days to 45 days, it is extremely important to take your annual healthcare seriously. Although some states do offer extended enrollment dates, open enrollment for most states in the US is from November 1st- December 15th. Since open enrollment closes soon, why not let JOANY take away the headache and help you to find the healthcare you need before it’s too late?

If you are one of the consumers who gets the same healthcare plan year after year, you may run into some unfortunate circumstances or changes during 2018. Due to the governments attempt to remove the Affordable Care Act, many of us are unaware of the changes in our current policy, or what our premium may be for the upcoming year. For those of us who have not done research and do not change their policy, they will be enrolled in a “similar” plan, albeit one that they may have never heard of before. This is why using a platform such as JOANY can be so helpful and convenient. Their database will quickly find out if your current healthcare is the best plan for you, and if it is not, which plan will cover you or your family most effectively.

joany healthcare

Everyone has a hectic life and JOANY understands healthcare may not always be the top thing on your “to-do” list. Rather than waiting until the last second, head over to and get started with your free healthcare concierge today!

You may not know that 70% of Americans purchase the wrong health insurance for themselves and their families, and 52% are not satisfied with insurance they purchased.

JOANY was created to eliminate the hassle and worry so many of us experience when purchasing health insurance. JOANY is not only free, but they will not sell your information to any companies or corporations in the healthcare field. Their online healthcare process is quick and headache free and their consumer assistance and concierge services are second to none. By using JOANY, you are eliminating the guesswork that comes along with the right co-pay, premiums, deductibles, and so on.

With open enrollment ending on the 15th of December, most of us have hardly any time left to find affordable healthcare tailored to our needs. You would be hard-pressed to find another healthcare platform available that takes things such as previous medication, past doctors visits, location, and other insurances into account when finding a new health care plan. Not only this, but their amazing concierge services will also assist you even if you already have a plan. Talk about amazing customer service and satisfaction! If there is one thing you do not want to risk, it is your future health, or your family’s future health.

1000’s of users have already tried JOANY, and many are a part of their referral program or research study group. That’s right, check out and see how you can get paid by JOANY for taking a survey that will actually help YOU by providing JOANY with information to better tailor their website to fit your needs.

Head over to because you owe it to yourself to take that first step in ensuring you and your family are healthy this upcoming year. Make 2018 your healthiest year yet with JOANY!



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