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Vade Nutrition Dissolvable Protein Pack Review

vade nutrition protein

It isn’t often that we get to say a protein powder product could be a game changer in the supplement industry. When we heard about VADE Nutrition and their dissolvable protein scoops, though, we knew we HAD to try this protein powder. Could this product be what we have been looking for when it comes to convenience with our protein powders? Our supplement spotlight this week will take a look at VADE Nutrition and their dissolvable protein scoops.

So, who is VADE Nutrition?

VADE Nutrition is a family created and owned company out of Michigan that was started by two former collegiate athletes. Owners Joe and Megan Johnson started the company in the summer of 2016 after their newborn son Noah was born prematurely. Joe had always wanted to start his own business and bring a new product to the market and in July of 2017, he and Megan got that opportunity. They created their protein powder “pods” because, like many of us, they found it inconvenient to either pre-measure their powders into baggies, or even scoop straight from the tub while they were in their vehicles or the gym, etc.

They decided to go all in on their new business opportunity and when VADE Nutrition launched their dissolvable protein products in July of 2017, their product made an immediate impact. VADE Nutrition also has looked to help not only those hard-working athletes and people who need a protein pick me up, but also have a goal to help out the community as well. VADE Nutrition is looking to create jobs in the community and have already donated 12,000lbs of their protein powder to the Greater Lansing Foodbank to help those in need.

VADE Nutrition is not only incredibly imaginative with their product, but extremely generous for all that they do in the community.

What are these dissolvable protein scoops?

As of right now, VADE Nutrition only offers one product, and that is their dissolvable protein scoops. The important thing is that the one thing that they have created, they have created very well. Their dissolvable protein scoops are single serving “pods” that have virtually no mess and hardly any cleanup after consumption. VADE Nutrition offers 2 flavors, chocolate and vanilla, for their dissolvable protein pods.

vade nutrition protein

The pods are made with 100% food grade ingredients and begin dissolving immediately when they are put into water. The pods actually do well in moist environments and do not lose integrity of their “packaging” even when they are not stored in a cool, dry place. Each single serving packet contains 20g of high-quality 100% whey protein isolate. Each pack of protein can be easily blended or shaken in a bottle with or without a blender ball (as seen in the video below).

The dissolvable and edible packaging around the protein powder has been tested and designed to be safely ingested (and adds no calorie content as well!). The dissolvable protein pack can be mixed in water, milk, or your favorite juice and it to create a smooth creamy shake.

Although the pods do mix well, VADE nutrition still recommends that you only mix one pod in your shaker at a time to ensure that everything mixes and dissolves properly. Even with that one “downside”, the product stores so well that drinking a shake then adding another pod to 8oz of water is much easier than pre-measuring your powders or adding water to your powder at the bottom of your cup and ending up with clumps and half your shake stuck to the sides.

Nutrition facts:

As seen below, the nutrition facts for chocolate and vanilla are nearly identical, with the main difference is chocolate having a bit more potassium. In both flavors, you’re getting just 1g of fat and 2g of carbs with no added sugar. The main highlight is the 20g of protein per pack, and it is 100% high quality whey protein isolate. By using a whey protein isolate rather than a concentrate or combination, you get better absorption and mixability. The powder uses both artificial and natural flavoring however it doesn’t leave an artificial flavoring or film in your mouth. For most of us athletes, we would need to consume two packets post workout for optimum effects. Overall, there isn’t anything too special about a single serving pack, nutritionally. The pack is great for those of us looking for a low-carb and low-fat protein powder. 20g of protein 2g of carbs and 1g of fat is a thumbs-up in our book for a solid protein supplement.

How can you get your hands on this?

If you’re looking to try some of the VADE Nutrition dissolvable protein scoops, you can head on over to and use the code MAH20 to 20% off your order which would get you a 30 serving combo pack for $36.79 or 20 serving pack for $24

What do we think?--Reacap

Bottom line- we love it. The product is the most convenient supplement we have seen since the ready-to-drink protein and pre-workout supplements that are quite often hit or miss. The taste of the products is great, it is just vanilla and chocolate, but they do vanilla and chocolate right. Both products taste like a melted ice cream and there is no fake or weird after taste with the dissolvable pack. Supplement facts on the product are pretty standard, 20g of protein 2g of carbs, and 1g of fat, which makes it perfect for low carb and low-fat diets. Last but certainly not least, the dissolvable pack is an absolute genius idea for protein or any powdered supplement. The pack dissolved in virtually any liquid, and not only this but the protein itself mixes great too! We hope to see VADE Nutrition carry on this idea and continue to make other products and additional flavors of this protein powder. A million-and-one thanks to VADE Nutrition for letting us try their dissolvable protein scoops. We hope to see them extend their line in the near future and hope that if you’re reading this, you head over to VADE Nutrition and try their protein for yourself. Make sure to use the MAH20 code and stock up while you can!



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