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Performax Labs Rebrand Recap!

performax labs rebrand

PerforMax Labs has always been known for their great product line, but recently they gave their products a bit of a facelift to keep up with the times. The “Rebrand” as many call it, came with some pretty awesome new features including new formulas, new flavors, a brand new supplement label, a new product name change, and some pretty great new apparel on their store. Plus, if you haven’t already heard, Performax Labs is now offering an extremely versatile and generous affiliate program that is certainly worth checking out.

Let’s take a look at what Performax Labs did in October!

The first thing you may notice is the fresh new product labels on all of the Performax Labs products. They switched things up from the old white label and blue writing, to a new modern and bold design. We definitely commend Performax for catching our eye right away. The supplement facts label also received a bit of a change also. Now the labels are black with a white font, making things easier to read.

Next up, Performax labs has switched up their intra-workout workout product name to IntraMax (formerly known as PowerMax). This intra workout cocktail also received a new flavor adding to the already delicious Orange Dream. Raspberry Lemonade is the newest of flavors from Performax Labs, and we are extremely excited to see how it tastes!

Performax Labs also updated their powerhouse nutrient partitioner SlinMax by adding a couple of ingredients into the mix. The formula is nearly the exact same as the SlinMax of old, however 100mg of cinnamon bark extract alongside 250mcg of Chromium Picolinate are now in the product. Cinnamon bark extract has been known to reduce muscle spasms, GI distress, and has been shown to potentially work similarly to insulin in reducing blood sugar. Chromium Picolinate is works alongside insulin and helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates. While it is a trace element, the small dose can pack a huge wallop as a glucose disposal agent when stacked correctly! SlinMax is looking to get you learner and stronger with this new formula.

One of the hottest pre-workouts on the market, HyperMax, got a makeover as well! You’ll notice on the label HyperMax now has regular Bet-Alanine and a higher dose of citrulline, while they eliminated glycerol from the mix. Nearly the entire “Extreme Focus and Mood” and “Extreme Energy Blend” is all brand new as well. While the ingredients may take a while to discuss, lets’ just say this; we have yet to see a pre-workout on the market offer this combination and dosing of these products. If you loved the old HyperMax XT, you’re DEFINITELY going to love the re-launched HyperMax

Lastly, Performax Labs has reformulated their extreme pump product VasoMax, by switching out the HydroMax Glycerol for “GlycerPump” glycerol. This form of glycerol is said to be a more stable, better mixing, glycerol that provides all of the great pump benefits without the bad taste or clumped powder. The label got a bit of a touch up as well, with nothing listed as a proprietary blend anymore, and the label split up into the focus ingredients, and the pump ingredients. In our opinion, this is exactly what consumers want to see out of products, especially if they aren’t familiar with certain ingredients.

performax rebrand

Performax Labs has made their updated line extremely stackable. Now you can get the extreme pumps, tunnel vision focus, and insane energy without feeling like it is too much at once or having to choose between products. Not to mention, you can now get your favorite pre-workout products in the flavor “Tropical Splash”.

Lastly, the moment we have all been waiting for. Performax Labs now offers an affiliate program for all of the consumers out their looking to become a part of TeamPerformax. Consumers who sign up (it’s really fast and easy) on their site will get 2 unique codes after their first purchase. One code is a personal code which takes 25% off your own order from the company website, while the Friends, Family, and Fans (FFF) code will take 15 % off their entire purchase from the website. Performax then offers reward tiers based on how many items are sold using YOUR unique code.

team performax

Tier 1 gets you your unique codes and a free Performax Lab shirt after your first purchase.

Tier 2 (25+ products sold) gets you 10% of all sales that use your FFF code and 3 FREE products.

Tier 3(75+ products sold) gets you the entire product line and apparel line for your own personal use. Not only that but you also get a sample pack box and product handouts that you can continue to promote.

Tier 4(200+products sold) gets you flight and lodging out to a pro bodybuilding show, a training session with a Performax Labs athlete of your choice, and a gym bag FULL of Performax Lab Swag!

Tier 5 (500+ products sold) means you have officially became a Performax Labs Athlete, Demo Rep, or Sales Rep. Here the rewards vary but you get free monthly product and samples, higher commissions on sales and demos, features in the advertising, and much more!

How amazing is it to have a company like Performax Labs give back to their loyal consumers and give them a chance to truly be a part of the Performax Team?! The Re-Launch of Performax labs is downright legendary; for a company to seamlessly accomplish as much as Performax did in a single month takes a great amount planning and dedication. Outstanding products, an amazing community, and a company that truly cares about its users are the cornerstones of Performax' success. We would like to thank Performax Labs for once again, showing us why they are one of the top supplement companies in the business. Perform to YOUR max with Performax Labs.



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