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Daily Victories for Long Term Success

Are you trying to lose weight? Have you set a goal that you are seemingly never able to reach? If so, then this article is for you.

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For starters, is your goal attainable and realistic? Too often people will set unrealistic goals. Your goal needs to be challenging, yet attainable. You need to create stepping stones and small victories that will lead you to that end result. The result that is specific for you as an individual. Create rewards for yourself that keep you motivated and wanting more. Aim to accomplish something everyday!

Secondly; are you pushing yourself? Are you one to consistently make excuses but still expect results? Do you have someone who holds you accountable? It’s easy in this chaotic life to get “too busy” or “too tired”. If that’s the case for you, then you need someone who is on your side and wants you to reach your goal as badly as you do. Trainers, coaches, friends, and significant others can all be reliable resources to make sure you aren't selling yourself short!

Next, do you quit your goal pursuit too early due to lack of results? On average, 65% of dieters quit because they get frustrated with lack of results. Remember the scale is not the only measure of a fitness goal. Go by how you feel, how you sleep, how you look, and how your clothes fit. The scale can fluctuate so much, especially with us women, so use it as a tool, but do not rely on it. Remember that fitness is a lifestyle change, not overnight amazon prime delivery.

Lastly, I want to touch on diet and supplementation. I saved the best for last because so many people do not understand the vital importance of nutrition and supplementation. So the basic truth is, if your diet isn’t on point for what your body needs to lose weight, you won’t. You cannot outwork a bad diet. If you have a history of yo-yo dieting or cutting calories too low, you have more than likely damaged your metabolism (which is most cases is fixable with the right approaches) which will alter the equation for you to lose weight. Can you outwork this? Yes, but the healthiest outlook is achieved by fixing the metabolism before any other harsh dieting. The equation of output being greater than food intake still stands to lose weight, but the metabolism determines how much we individually burn during activities. We are all different and all have different BMR (base metabolic rates) that need to be taken into account when we want to gain or lose weight

In regards to supplementation: What is this? Supplementation is just that: it supplements a good diet and workout program. Diet pills may help with energy and appetite control, but they do not control what you put in your mouth all day or if you actually go outside or to a gym to work out. Supplements should be added into weight loss/gain programs once you have established a baseline of results without them. This will also help you determine if the supplement actually works for you.

As I said, fitness goals help us make lifestyle changes. It requires mental strength, physical strength, and emotional support. Set goals you can accomplish daily and long term. And, as always, with dedication and work ethic; You can’t blame genetics.

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Tiffanie Baines | Don't Blame Genetics Team Athlete

Tiffanie Baines



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