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The New Performax OxyMax: First Take

Following the announcement of Performax Labs’ new and improved HyperMax and VasoMax , Performax Labs has officially confirmed the formula for their capsule-based thermogenic OxyMax - and unlike OxyMax XT, the label on this fresh release is fully transparent.

Throwing the old proprietary “EurphoraMax”, “ThermoMax”, and “AbsorboMax” blends out the window, OxyMax 2017 further refines Performax’s popular fat burner by ditching the Capsicum Annuum and Selaginella Tamariscina, as well as adding in the notable Paradoxine™ and Fucoxanthin.

It’s worthwhile to note that OxyMax is designed to be stacked alongside Performax’s HyperMax preworkout, and as such doesn’t go overboard with the exotic stimulants. OxyMax is both DMAA- and DMHA-free.

At 60 servings per bottle, the retail price of $44.99 (before any discount codes, which should be easy to find now that Performax has launched their Team Performax affiliate program ) puts it well below $1 per serving as well. You can also currently use PMAX30 for 30% off your orders site wide at

The formula remains largely unchanged, if one assumes that the now transparent dosages weren’t altered from what was previously included in the proprietary blends.

The numbers add up, so we’ll assume that the main changes are those listed below.

Capsicum Annuum Extract (REMOVED) Performax Labs’ choice to axe Capsicum Anuum from the formula is the first hint that they aren’t aiming for your typical fat burner formula. While the cayenne pepper extract has proven capacity for suppressing appetite, increasing thermogenesis, and aiding in lipolysis, they’ve chosen to replace it with: Paradoxine ® Grains of Paradise (40mg) A top-tier grade of Grains of Paradise extract, Paradoxine does everything Capsicum Anuum does and pushes it a level further. At the 40mg clinical dose, this patented extract has been shown to induce potent thermogenesis (thus increasing your basal metabolic rate), suppress hunger, and effectively mobilize brown adipose tissue.

Selaginella Tamariscina (REMOVED) A delivery mechanism for amentoflavone, the Selaginella Tamariscina herbal concentrate has also been removed from the 2017 formula. Amentoflavone is known for its ability to enhance strength, oxidize fat, and improve mood.

In its place, Performax Labs has chosen to include: Fucoxanthin (8mg) Fucoxanthin is an old school ingredient that has oddly been absent from the supplement scene in recent years, and the reason behind its disappearance is both unsure and unwarranted. It may not have the mood-boosting effects of amentoflavone, but we’re extremely excited about its inclusion in the new OxyMax.

This seaweed-derived carotenoid helps to boost carbohydrate metabolism as well as GLUT4 gene expression in muscle tissue; in layman’s terms, Fucoxanthin shuttles the carbs you’re eating into your muscles, which is where you want them when you’re calorie-restricted.

Fucoxanthin is also a β3 adrenergic agonist (similar to clenbuterol or ephedrine, bronchodilators used off-label to enhance fat loss). It’s selective in this activity, however, and only activates adrenoreceptors in white fat tissue - it does so by upregulating thermogenin, an uncoupling protein, and as a result increases your metabolic rate and fat loss.

Initial Thoughts Without yet having tested the formula, it’s hard to say for sure - but on paper, the new release of OxyMax looks extremely strong. The ingredients that have been removed weren’t necessarily hard to come by. The addition of Paradoxine pulls OxyMax up to the level of other industry leaders, and Fucoxanthin pushes it to the front of the pack as a stand out nutrient partitioner and a safe replacement for some of the more extreme and illicit beta-3 agonists.



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