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Performasleep: The Mattress Designed for Athletes

performasleep review

Sleep. It may be the most overlooked aspect of recovery in today's fast paced world. We have written about many recovery tools like foam rollers, massage balls, mobility tools, supplements, compression wear... the list is seemingly endless. And while all of those tools have a very important place in every athlete's arsenal, how many of us can actually say we are getting A) Enough Sleep on a nightly basis and B) That the quality of sleep we are actually getting is good enough to promote recovery and improve performance?

Performance and Recovery can be broken down into three key phases; Nutrition, Training, and Sleep/Rest, with sleep making up 1/3 (or more) of time spent per day. PerformaSleep is the absolute best mattress designed specifically for those with an active lifestyle.  It is the only mattress that used direct feedback from professional athletes during the design process and combines the perfect balance of comfort and support for tired bodies. 

  • Engineered by two friends who are mattress industry veterans and athletes themselves, this mattress has been designed to be cool, supportive, and rejuvenating to muscles and joints.

  • The PerformaSleep mattress gives you an edge as you wake up every day, whether you’re headed to the basketball court or the boardroom, the gym or the jungle, the rink or the runway!

  • You’ll perform better after sleeping on the copper-infused top layer that moves heat away from the body to regulate your sleeping temperature, is anti-microbial, anti-viral, and offers the benefits of copper to the body that have been widely written about and acknowledged through many copper infused products and clothing.

  • The mattress is odorless and low VOC. Certified CERTI-PUR US and produced in an eco-friendly facility, entirely in the USA. 

  • Traditional memory foam gives a “sinkhole” feeling, but PerformaSleep gives you superior support through the night with a layer of bounceback technology called Enersorb. Who doesn’t like a little more bounce in the bedroom?

  • If you’re nervous about buying a mattress online, feel confident that you can try PerformaSleep for 100 nights risk free with free returns. There is never a charge for shipping (continental US residents), and there is no return or restocking fee. 

  • Mattresses start at just $525 (Modern Athletic Health readers can use discount code SAVE125 at to get $125 off their purchase of a Performasleep Mattress!)

performasleep review

Almost every aspect of athletic performance has a coach, doctor, or manager to optimize it. So what is the next frontier?

It's actually sleep.  

According to a recent article on Bleacher Report, professional sports teams are hiring sleep coaches for their athletes as the next component to increasing performance. Noting that this component of training has often been overlooked, coaches and managers are beginning to 'wake up' to the necessity of including it as a crucial element of the formula for athletic success.

The article states that, especially in Europe, "...teams are investing heavily in things like sleep kits, personalized mattresses, daily wellbeing questionnaires on smartphones and tablets...even 'snoozeboxes' and 'sleep pods,' which players can use to rest between training sessions." 

performasleep review

Sleep accounts for at least 1/3 of our daily routine (8 hours). You don't spend 8 hours per day training or eating (hopefully) so why would you not choose to invest a small price tag for a massively valuable result? 

Modern Athletic Health readers can use discount code SAVE125 at to get $125 off their purchase of a Performasleep Mattress. Your wallet and body will thank you!

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