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EVOMUSE Gut Health Review

evomuse gut health review

As bodybuilders, athletes, or someone who lives an active lifestyle, we’re all looking for something that will give us an edge to take on the day.  Whether that is a new pre workout, recovery supplement, protein powder, or something highly caffeinated, we’re all guilty of trying just about any new supplement with a sparkly label.  Although many of these supplements do give you a little bit of a boost, how many of those supplements actually boost your overall health and wellness?  

The bottom line is, we often look for an immediate, superficial boost and fail to look at what truly makes our bodies feel (and look) the best.  How many of us can say we take care of our organs or GI (gastrointestinal ) system properly either with a healthy diet, or with the assistance of a supplement? We could almost guarantee most individuals don’t even consider using a probiotic or know about their numerous benefits to not just GI health, but total internal health.

Lucky for us, Evomuse hooked us up with a bottle of their Gut Health probiotic digestive optimizer to better show us the power of a specifically engineered probiotic and what it can do for everyday life. This is NOT your run of the mill pharmacy or grocery store probiotic. One Modern Athletic Health writer put this to the test over the course of 14 days to see what kind of results and benefits it could yield.  Let’s take a closer look at Evolutionary Muse’s Gut Health. Our Owner/CEO has used the product daily for over three years (dating back to the original version) and simply put, he swears by it. 

So what is Gut Health?

Gut Health is a 1-2 capsule serving of 6 complementary probiotic strains that work synergistically to improve GI health.  The probiotics help  to increase nutrient and vitamin absorption, protection against foodborne and environmental pathogens, prevention of bowel irritation and inflammation, support a powerful immune system, and reduce GI distress caused by the modern diet.  

All of these internal problems can be solved by proper internal bacterial integrity.  

Many of us do not always eat the best foods, maybe something a little too fatty, acidic, or spicy causes us to have some digestive issues.  With Gut Health, the 12 million CFU’s (colony forming units) aid to prevent all of these common internal problems.  If you look at the nutrition label, you will also see that it contains Apple Polyphenols as well as a prebiotic inulin fiber.  Apple polyphenols are a well known natural anti-inflammatory that can greatly reduce GI inflammation and distress. This is just an added bonus to the already 12million CFU’s working to keep the integrity of your stomach and intestines solid.

Lastly, prebiotic inulin fiber is a non-digestible type of fiber which will pass through the stomach, small, and large intestines completely unabsorbed.  While this is happening, the inulin will ferment naturally and feeds all of the intestinal bacterial organisms to make sure they are strong and healthy.  Through this 3-stage process, Gut Health ensures you are receiving the highest of quality, synergistic bacteria to keep your GI tract strong, your nutrients delivered to your bloodstream, and your inflammation to a minimum.

What are probiotics and why are they Important?

Essentially, probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that live in your digestive system, primarily in the gut and intestines.  These good bacteria, as stated earlier, help to keep the gut and intestines health and functioning properly.  They function in a variety of ways and there are tons of different strains of probiotics that you may encounter  every day. For instance, the probiotic Lactobacillus is commonly found in yogurt, kefir, and many other foods that are fermented.  This particular probiotic may help with those who are lactose intolerant in aiding them to digest lactose properly. Researchers and scientists are still researching which strain is best for certain diseases and internal problems, however all play a role in keeping the GI tract running smoothly.  

Some of the issues that probiotics assist with are:

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Diarrhea from infections and flu’s

Prevention of stomach ulcers

Preventing or treating cold and flu symptoms

Poor digestion and regularity (enabling regular bowel movements)

Bloating and feelings of fullness

Poor nutrient absorption

And many more!

Some studies also suggest that probiotics play a role in helping to relieve acid reflux issues, certain skin conditions such as eczema, urinary and vaginal health, and proper oral health.  

What were our results?

We decided that we would share our results with Gut Health and how we felt about the product after 14 short days.  We stuck to the proper dosing protocol, consuming 2 capsules for the first 5 days and then moving to 1 capsule per day for the remaining 9 days. Our diets stayed the exact same with no big changes in calories, cheat meals, or foods that we consumed.

Some of the things we noticed were:

  • Less bloating around the abdominal region, specifically the lower abdominals.  This is an area that commonly feels bloated after a meal and hours after. This issue can cause problems especially before training and can occasionally leave you running to the restroom even if you don’t go.

  • Bowel regularity.  Plain and simple, this kept our bodies on a schedule daily, nearly the same time too!

  • Elimination of the “full feeling”.  Although some meals we consumed were bigger than others, we were able to get rid of the “full” stomach feeling while using Gut Health.  This was particularly evident when eating a preworkout meal such as pancakes or oatmeal.  It didn’t not feel as if the food was sitting as a lump in our stomachs.

  • Improved nutrient uptake.  This is fairly subjective, however, we came to the conclusion that muscle soreness, DOMS and lethargy was substantially lower.  Recovery time decreased and it helped us to better prepare for upcoming sessions.

  • Improved sleep.  By dosing at night, we experienced better sleep and didn’t have any sort of night hungers or cravings

These are just a handful of observations and effects noticed after only 14 days of use!

As you can see, probiotics do a ton for your overall health, not just your GI tract!  Having a happy and healthy GI tract is just as important as treating your organs properly, so why not take the step to pick up some Gut Health for yourself today? Your Internal Health is Priceless, but Gut Health makes it affordable anyway.  

If you check out the EvoMuse website, you’ll find Gut Health for $32.99 or you can get a 2 pack for $45.99 or year supply(6-pack) for $133.00!  While the year-supply is the best deal with the price coming down to about $11 per month, 1 bottle--which is a 2 month supply, is about $15.50 per month. Remember, one bottle of Gut Health will last you a  little over 2 months when taken as directed. For your GI health and benefits that come along with a probiotic as stacked as Gut Health, this product is a no-brainer to pick up and Modern Athletic Health readers can use discount code MAH12 at checkout for 12% off!



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