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PES Shift for Caffeine Free Fat Loss

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Weight loss. Fat loss. These are the buzzwords you hear around summer time, the holidays, and supplement stores. While most of the weight loss products on the market today are high in caffeine, PEScience is changing the game with one of their products: SHIFT.

SHIFT is a caffeine free product that relies on various herbs to aid in weight and fat loss without the use of caffeine. This is great news for you coffee/energy pre-workout users because it gives you an additional product to assist with fat loss in conjunction with stimulant fat burners. In other words, SHIFT can be taken in the morning with your first caffeinated drink. For those of you who do not like caffeine, SHIFT uses 200 milligrams of a Siberian herb named Rhodiola Rosea. This herb will give you a subtle but smooth burst of energy to help you through your workout. Rhodiola Rosea is an herb that has been shown to work as an adaptogen (an herb that helps your body deal with stress, maintain energy, regulate blood sugar, provide a strong antioxidant, and much more). However, Rhodiola Rosea is not the only effective herb in SHIFT.

Citrus Aurantium (also known as Bitter Orange), and Coleus Forskholii are supplements that can also be found in SHIFT. Not only does PEScience Shift contain a standardized form of Coleus Forskholii known as “Forskolin,” (which helps boost testosterone in men, aids in fat-loss efforts by changing your body composition, helps with asthma, and even helps strengthen bone density) It uses a much stronger extract of it. Most supplement companies in today’s market only give you a 10% extract of Forskolin (20% if you’re lucky). Though it is true that a 10% extract does have clinical backing showing that it helps with fat loss efforts, PEScience does not settle for that strength. Instead, they decided that SHIFT should be made with a 95% extract (the strongest on the market), and other helpful herbs.

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There are still three more ingredients in SHIFT that are not often used in weight/fat loss products. One of the ingredients is Olive Leaf Extract, an herb that is known for its thyroid and immune boosting properties. Another herb used in SHIFT is Aframomum Melegueta Seed Extract, also known as “Grains of Paradise.” This is an herb in the Ginger family. Studies of Aframomum Melegueta show promising results when it is used as a thermogenic (metabolism boosting) aid. Lastly, SHIFT also contains Hemerocallis Fulva (Flower) Extract. This herb has not only been shown to help speed up metabolism, but it has also been shown to be a potent antioxidant and natural anti-depressant. Now that you are interested, remember PEScience formulated SHIFT to be taken as a stand-alone product or stacked together with a stimulant based fat burner or pre workout.

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Personally, I have stacked SHIFT with PEScience’s weight-loss powder Alphamine.

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Alphamine has been a favorite of mine for the past few years because it’s a high energy formula that allows for the use of one to two scoops depending on your energy needs for your workout that day. Each scoop gives you 125mg of caffeine, but the formula also contains L-Theanine (from Green Tea) to help the caffeine absorb smoother and last longer. I, personally, mix two scoops of Ice Tea flavored Alphamine powder in 12 ounces of water, and take two capsules of SHIFT first thing in the morning about 30 to 45 minutes before my workout. Trust me when I say, “This stack works!” In addition, the long lasting energy I get from this combo helps out my weight-loss efforts.

Another way I like to take SHIFT is by itself, about 30 minutes before a mid afternoon meal while at work. With the 200mg’s of Rhodiola Rosea, I have no need for an afternoon cup of coffee or an energy drink. The Rhodiola Rosea helps keeps me energized for the rest of my day at work, while keeping my metabolism going as well.

I hope this helps everyone, take care!


Ricky Seda has been in the supplement retail/health food business for almost ten years. He has managed many stores in the Philadelphia/Tampa Bay area. He is always passionate about making sure each customer gets the care, knowledge, and best supplement for that person’s needs. He has worked with countless brand representatives over the years, to learn everything he can about every product he sells. He can be reached at if anyone has a supplement question. He can also be found @rickythesuppsguy via Instagram, and has his own blog site at




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