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2nd Impact Isolite+ Protein Review

isolite+ protein review

Finding quality proteins that taste good and have a great nutrition label is not easy. We frequently see a lot of companies producing protein powders that fit 2 out of those 3 criteria but whatever they are lacking, generally outweighs the benefits it comes with. We found a new protein powder, Isolite+, by 2nd Impact Incorporated, that looked like it could fit the bill. We were lucky enough to have some of their chocolate shake flavor sent to us so that we could find out if this protein could be a part of the top protein club.

Here’s what we thought!

Mixability: In order to test a protein powder’s true mixability, you have to use a variety of liquids and amounts. We kept the amount of protein added the same, using 1 scoop (30g) in either 6-10oz of water, milk, and almond milk. Fortunately for us and potential buyers, this product mixes amazing just using a shaker cup, even without a blender ball inside of it. The powder is a little bit thicker but does not require additional shaking. The powder is hydrolyzed whey which is clearly evident by the amount of clumps left in it after mixing; none. The product, when consumed, is also smooth and not gritty. It does not leave the coating in your mouth after drinking it like some other protein shakes and is one of the more pleasant protein powders we have been able to try. Overall, this is one of the better mixing protein powders we have had the opportunity to sample at Modern Athletic Health.

Flavor/Flavoring Options: 2nd Impact sent us their Chocolate Shake flavor, however they do offer 4 other flavors. Chocolate shake and Vanilla shake are their two staple flavors, however they also offer Orange Dreamsicle, Pumpkin Spice and Pebbles n Fruit to round out their flavor selection and offer some not so typical option! All of the flavors sound extremely interesting and we may pick up some of the other flavors to let you know which one is our favorite! As for the chocolate shake, the chocolate flavor is on point and fairly comparable to a lot of other popular chocolate flavors on the market. This is actually pretty impressive given the fact that Isolite+ has less than 1g of carbohydrates and 0g of sugar (which we will discuss next). Although we expected a little bit more of an “ice cream” or “milkshake” flavor the chocolate shake does not disappoint and is one of the better chocolate flavors on the market today.

Nutrition Label: So the product mixes well, it tastes good, but what else separates this protein from others on the market today? Let’s have a look at the nutrition label.

isolite+ protein review

The first thing to take note of is something you notice on the product label before the nutrition label; 100% Whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed whey isolate. Why is that awesome? Well, hydrolyzed whey protein is known for its ability to digest quickly and eliminate the bloating and fullness that many traditional, lower quality protein powders come with. Next we turn to the nutrition label and notice first and foremost that this product has 0g of fat. Looking a little further down the label we see less than 1g of carbs and 0g of sugar. This is huge for those of us who are on low carb, carb cycling, ketogenic diets, and other carb restrictive/sensitive lifestyles. Next, check out the 25g of protein per scoop. It’s hard to find a protein that offers 25g of protein per scoop that doesn't also load up on carbs sugar, or other fillers. Lasty, if you take a look at the last part of the label under ingredients, you’ll notice that there’s only 9 total ingredients including the protein blend itself. You’ll be hard pressed to find another protein powder that has a maximum of 9 total ingredients. 2nd Impact also discloses everything on their label in their product as well so you know exactly what you're getting with this protein. It’s clear this protein boasts quality to back up its other positive aspects.

Useage: So, it mixes great in liquids as a shake, but what else did we find Isolite+ good for? We decided to give it a try in a few popular, protein packed foods and see how it stacked up. First thing we made was some protein sludge; a simple mixture of greek yogurt and a scoop of protein powder. The powder mixed great with no clumps, and seemed to dissolve in the yogurt. It did a great job of cutting out the sour taste that comes with greek yogurt and thickened up the texture as we would want to have happen. It turned the greek yogurt into a great flavored chocolate pudding substitute. The Isolite+ also mixed great to make a protein oatmeal. We recommend using a plain flavored oatmeal when mixing the “proats” rather than a pre-flavored oatmeal. The powder, again, mixed great and clump free. It adds more of a subtle chocolate flavor instead of a strong “in your face” taste. The powder is a great addition to yogurt and oatmeal, and can surely be used in other cooking or baking concoctions like pancakes, waffles, muffins, etc.

Our thoughts: Overall, Isolite+ is a top notch protein powder that some may even consider elite! Right now on their website, you can find the protein powder for $49.99 but Modern Athletic Health readers can use our promo code MAH20 for 20% off. Additionally, 2nd Impact Inc also has great programs that give back to local and other communities. Proceeds from your purchase of Isolite+ are given back to Convoy of Hope’s Kid’s Hunger Fund. This fund is a humanitarian organization that gives back to impoverished communities. Each tub of Isolite+ that is sold gives $10 to the convoy of hope. Thats nearly ¼ of their total sales from the powder going to this great fund to feed children. But 2nd Impact doesn’t stop there; a portion of their sales from the custom made shaker bottles go to Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S). C.O.P.S is a foundation designed to help families of fallen officers killed in the line of duty. 2nd Impact realizes the struggle those families of fallen officers go through, so they kindly donate a portion of their shaker sales to those families. 2nd impact also is a part of “Give me Tap", a program that helps give communities access to clean drinking water. 2nd Impact is all about giving back to their communities and individuals in the fitness industry! We think that this organization is something many of us would donate to, regardless of if it was because of a purchase of a protein. Thank you to 2nd Impact Inc for allowing us to try a great protein in Isolite+ as well as being a part of a great cause for youth organizations and law enforcement.



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