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MAN Sports Brain Bridge Review

brain bridge review

If you haven’t jumped on board with the nootropic movement by now, you’re already a mile behind everyone else.  Nootropics are taking the supplement industry by storm, and with good reason.  They are a cheaper, safer, alternative to prescription/illegal drugs and unhealthy energy drinks that are intended to help you focus, feel motivated, elevate your mood, and increase mental performance and memory.  While not everyone needs a nootropic, we think everyone could use a little brain boost of their own to get an edge in the work place, gym, playing field, classroom, etc.  MAN Sports was kind enough to hook us up with some Brain Bridge to see what kind of benefits we could reap.  It’s safe to say Brain Bridge is a product that will absolutely change the way you take on your day.  It is certainly more than just a “pick-me-up” and something you’re going to want to use everyday. 

Let’s break it down.

Flavor/Mixability: MAN Sports has only developed one flavor for Brain Bridge; Sour Nukes, although we are sure we will see more flavors released in the future.  The initial taste is a bit sour, but not overpowering.  It’s not going to be anything like a shoving a fistful of Warhead candies into your mouth.  The aftertaste is a bit odd; but in a good way!  When the sour taste subsides, it almost tastes like honey.  The sourness immediately turns into a sweetness which makes for a refreshing finish.  Brain Bridge has a flavor unlike any other supplement we have ever tried before!  Its mixability is also on point. The powder mixes very well in any amount of water from 8-24 oz.  The only fault we found was a bit of residue on the bottom of the shaker when the drink was completely finished. Albeit, a bit of swishing around before taking your last gulp will combat that perfectly.  This is another great tasting and mixing product from MAN Sports.

Ingredients/Performance: Before we get into how Brain Bridge performs, let’s discuss what makes up this supplement.  First off, this product label is completely disclosed and broken down into parts based on their effects.  You won’t find any sort of proprietary blends here! 

brain bridge review

LTP Mental Domination contains both Sceletium Tortuosum and Coleus Forskohlii.  Sceletium Tortuosum has been shown in studies to help elevate mood and focus while Coleus Forskohlii has numerous benefits, but works most importantly to improve cAMP in the body.  What does this mean? cAMP aids in intracellular transduction in the body, which when combined with an ingredient that enhances mood, is going to elevate that positive feeling fast. So expect results with Brain Bridge to immediate and acute.

The next section is listed as the Brain Bridge Formula which has a bunch of goodies in it.  Most notably, Alphasize, Bacopa Monniera Leaf, SerinAde, and AstraGin.  AlphaSize, or Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline, is considered one of the best cognitive enhancers in the world.  It aids in power output, memory, recall, and cognitive functioning. Bacopa Monniera Leaf has numerous studies backing its ability to help increase attention, focus, increasing memory functioning, and most importantly, speeding up mental processing. SerinAid has been shown to help improve mental performance, elevate positive mood, and lowering the physical and emotional effects of stress.  Last but not least, AstraGin is a form of Panax notoginseng which is used to help improve the uptake of all the goodies within Brain Bridge.  AstraGin can improve the bioavailability of each and every ingredient in this product to ensure you're getting the most out of your nootropic.  Many of the other goodies listed under the Brain Bridge formula section are used to promote relaxation, increase focus, and most importantly help concentration which leads to a more efficient  you!

Next up is the Natural Caffeine blend which consists of Green Coffee Beans (Standardized to 98% caffeine) L-Theanine, and Teacrine.  We all know the benefits of caffeine and how it relates to cognitive and athletic performance.  Theanine is an amino acid that gives us a sense of well being and most importantly, relaxation without the drowsiness.  Last up, TeaCrine, which is taking the supplement world by storm, has been shown to work more effectively than caffeine as well as synergistically with caffeine when the two are paired together.  Users who have tried TeaCrine have reported increases in mental and physical energy, energy without shakes or jitters, positive mood enhancement, and improved focus.  Just another reason MAN Sports decided to put such a potent ingredient into Brain Bridge... because it works.

Lastly, we see the 20/20 vision support blend with Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  While most people wouldn't normally see this and make their decision solely based on extras like this, we applaud MAN Sports for thinking about their users eyesight as well.  Both of these ingredients are known carotenoids and nutrients that may reduce risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. We imagine this was included for a variety of reasons. As a student or in the work place, you are always reading or looking at a computer/tablet/phone screen. For intense gamers this blend is a huge addition as you may go extended periods of time without blinking and be much closer to a screen than the general population. This is a solid addition. 

So, with all of this packed into just a small 6g scoop, how does it work?  In a word, amazingly. 

Brain Bridge delivered everything that it said it was going to in the focus and mood enhancement department.  The mood elevating properties leave you feeling relaxed, like you can handle any stressful situation thrown at you with ease.  It’s not very often can you take a supplement and say you feel more motivated to get things done than before you took it.  Most importantly, all of this positivity lasts for roughly 6-8 hours with no crash.  The energy level that accompanies the cognitive benefits last the 6-8 hours as well and unlike a lot of pre workouts or caffeine stacked nootropics, you don’t feel yourself coming down from that “buzz”.  It may sound too good to be true, but we can assure you here at Modern Athletic Health, Brain Bridge is the real deal.

Uses:  So now that you have read this far, you're probably asking yourself, 'is Brain Bridge for everyone?'  We’re here to tell you that it absolutely is!  WIthin reason of course, if you're under 18, nursing, pregnant, or sensitive to caffeine, you may want to consult your physician before jumping in.  but for all of those healthy adults out there looking to improve their physical and cognitive performance, as well as help yourselves to feel more motivated and productive, this product is for you.  It is safe to use a serving every morning upon waking, in fact it is recommended you consume right away upon waking on an empty stomach! 

When else can you use this?  Good question. If you need a midday pick me up at the office, take a serving!  Looking to replace that second cup of coffee in the morning (and probably the first as well)?  Take a scoop or half scoop in the morning!  If you're a student, this product works great to help you focus on school work, studying, and eliminating those late nights in the library.  No more need to procrastinate studying for that big test, Brain Bridge helps you get right to it!  Gamers looking for that competitive edge and steady hand and hand-eye coordination to hit your target?  Brain Bridge was created with you in mind to make sure those long gaming sessions are played at peak performance!  Lastly, athletes, take this as your pre workout or before competitions of sporting events!  The low caffeine content and lack of jitters make this the perfect drink before a pickup game or a long tournament.  Brain Bridge truly is for everyone!  

brain bridge review

What Else Makes Brain Bridge Unique and Appealing? 

MAN Sports does not use any artificial dyes, colors, or sugars.  There are no other fillers placed in the product or anything that will affect your macros if you're counting them.  They stand by and follow their company motto; Do it right or don't do it at all.

Cost: If you head on over to the MAN Sports website right now and use the code MAH20 you're going to get 20% off your whole order, not just Brain Bridge.  Not only that, but it brings your total down to about $32 for the 20 servings.  While the price may still seem a bit on the high end, just remember, you're paying close to $2 or more for your favorite energy drink or $4+ for your favorite coffee drink as well!  These are also usually loaded with sugar and/or artificial colors and ingredients that are only hurting your health. The benefits of Brain Bridge far exceed any commercial energy drink on the market. 



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