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MAN Sports ISO AMINO Mango Review

man sports mango iso amino review

MAN Sports is known for many things, most notably their attention to detail, quality control, and the unrivaled amount of flavors they offer in a variety of their products. All of the Iso-Amino flavors are created with out artificial dies or colors, and as such, they mix clear in water. The products are made in micro batches and each tub is carefully checked to ensure absolute quality and purity. We were given the chance to try the new Mango flavored Iso-Amino, and boy did it exceed expectations.

First thing we noticed was the supplement label and nutrition facts; it's the same as the rest of the flavors of Iso-Amino. Sometimes change is good, but we applaud MAN Sports for being able to keep consistency within the nutrition facts of their products despite the numerous flavors. In each 30 serving tub you're still getting 5g of BCAA's in the standard and scientifically backed 2:1:1 ratio. Alongside that, you have no calories, fat, sugars, or sodium added into the mix. It is always nice to see a company that keeps their ingredient profile to a minimum; short sweet and to the point.

man sports iso amino review

Mixability for the Iso-Amino is on point as well. One scoop in 8-12oz of water (or more) mixes great with minimal foaming and little to no residue resting on the bottom of your shaker. As we have seen from many other amino prodcuts, the foaming tends to be a bit annoying and sometimes you'll have an occasional crunch when sipping on the un-dissolved product. Iso-Amino mixes clean and dissolves completely in just about any amount of water leaving you with a clean, crisp amino cocktail.

This product really shines in the flavor department. The mango flavor is just that; mango. It doesn't have a fake fruity or bitter/sour taste that many other mango fakers have. The flavor is extremely refreshing and easily palatable if you're someone who sips on aminos all day. This makes the product useful for those looking to avoid sugary drinks or anyone who is pre-contest. We feel the Iso-Amino would work well used as ice cubes for a flavor enhancer to your favorite drink. It would also work well as a popsicle or shaved ice!

The uses for the Mango Iso-Amino are plentiful and for those who don't care for mango flavor products, don't worry, because MAN has 12 others for you to try, and a source within the company has told us that they are planning to top 30... yes THIRTY flavors over the next year!

man sports iso amino

If you're as excited as we are about the new Mango Iso-Amino flavor, head on over to MAN Sports website and use code MAH20 to get 20% off your entire order.

Feel free to pick up a couple other flavors of Iso-Amino while you're over there or try their new nootropic and cognitive enhancement product, Brain Bridge!

Review for Brain Bridge to follow shortly on!!



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