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Spotlight: Performax Labs NootropiMax

As of late, Nootropics and products containing Nootropics have been all the rage in the supplement industry, and rightfully so! Nootropics not only have positive health benefits, but improve cognitive functioning, focus and attention, and have numerous effects on athletic performance. Not to mention, Nootropics can also have stress relieving properties, and let's be honest, who couldn't use that?

Performax Labs NootropiMax, is one of the market's strongest and most complete nootropic formulas. NootropiMax is here to change the way you view nootropic supplements and their efficiency. NootropiMax is designed to give you a burst of long lasting energy without the jitters or crashes. Alongside the increased energy, NootropiMax helps to improve your mood, speed up neural processing, enhance memory, recall, and cognitive functioning, and give you razor sharp focus. The ingredients within NootropiMax, when taken at the correct dosage, give you a multitude of positive benefits with no negative side effects. These 10 ingredients are sure to give you a hefty boost in focus, mood, mental capacity and athletic performance.

Who can use NootropiMax?

Gamers: Nootropimax’s ability to increase visual acuity, hand-eye coordination, and focus make it the perfect secret weapon for every gamer. Use Nootropimax to get the edge over your competition!

Students: Nootropimax facilitates retention and memory recall, making it the perfect study companion for every student. Nootropimax serves as a safe and effective tool to stay competitive without compromising your health or the law. It is a safe alternative to harsh and highly addictive prescription medications.

Professionals: Raising efficiency and increasing focus, Nootropimax helps you to work smarter and harder. By increasing capacity for work and maintaining focus, professionals can reach their goals quicker. Its ability to reduce stress and anxiety will allow you to breeze through difficult tasks or challenges you may face in the work place.

Athletes: Although Perfomax Labs has a full line of effective Sports Nutrition supplements, Nootropimax is certainly a great addition to any athletes arsenal for its ability to improve reaction times, focus, mental clarity and decision making, and endurance and alertness.

What's in NootropiMax and what does it do?

What separates NootropiMax from other nootropic products today? Easy, the ingredients used are clinically dosed and tested to ensure you're getting the perfect dose in a quality product. Lets break down the ingredients by their types and what they are going to do for you.

nootropimax review

Stimulants: Caffeine-Infinergy (DiCaffeine Malate), Theacrine (TeaCrine), L-Ornithine HCL

We all know the numerous benefits of caffeine but what about DiCaffeine Malate? DiCaffeine Malate is a binding between caffeine and malic acid. This improved absorption, cuts down on possible GI distress some users experience with caffeine, and also creates a long lasting effect. The combination DiCaffeine Malate has with Caffeine Anhydrous works wonders because you get the initial surge of energy, followed by a jitter-free long lasting energizing effect. Theacrine (TeaCrine) works well with caffeine and carries a lot of the same effects as caffeine. One main difference is it enhances concentration and focus at smaller doses than caffeine. When combined with caffeine, it enhances energy, alertness, focus, and prolongs the effects of often seen with caffeine. While L-Ornithine isn't a stimulant per se, but it assists the stimulants with their functioning. L-Orthinine helps to reduce ammonia build up in the body, which helps to reduce feelings of fatigue during your workout. This also can benefit the stimulants by enhancing the properties that are included in Caffeine Anhydrous, DiCaffeine Malate, and TeaCrine.

Focus Factors: Bacognize- CDP Choline, N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester (Noopept)

The first ingredient, Bacognize, or Bacopa monniera, is an herb that has a great reputation for increasing attention, focus, and boosting memory functioning. One of the biggest positives of Bacognize is its ability to speed up mental processing which will aid in all facets of life, not just training related tasks. CDP-Choline, an ingredient that breaks down into Choline and cytidine once ingested, is used to increase memory functioning as well as attention and focus. It also acts as an assistant of building neurotransmitters, which helps us achieve the mind muscle connection. Studies have shown that CDP-Choline has assisted in reducing distractions, heightening focus, and sharpening attention. This will definitely help athletes and individuals push through fatigue during hard workouts. Last but not least, Noopept or N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester is a powerful nootropic that assists in memory and cognitive functioning. Sharing similar effects to the Racetam family, Noopept delivers all the positive neurotransmitting effects at a fraction of the dose. Plus, when coupled with a Choline ingredient, Noopept's benefits can be increased!

Mood Elevators: L-Theanine, Sceletium Tortuosum-Huperzine-A 1%

L-Theanine is known for its ability to help us feel relaxed and stress free, without making us feel tired, groggy, or ready for a nap. It's properties also assist with lowering anxiety and jitters that sometimes are coupled with higher level of stimulants. This means concentration from the stimulants will increase without nervousness or the heart-racing effect we sometimes see with stims. It also benefits the long term energy complex by making sure we don't hit a wall or experience the stimulant "crash" after a workout. Sceletium Tortuosum is a plant commonly used to lower stress, treat anxiety, and improve concentration. Studies have shown that it also helps to assist in the cognitive function of decision making, allowing us to perform an action after thinking about it. This will help athletes in competitive sports that require quick thinking and impulse movements. Huperzine-A is a great supplement because of its ability to help with mind/muscle neurotransmissions. Huperzine has been shown to improve muscular contraction when coupled with Choline as well.

So what does all of this mean for someone taking NootropiMax?

Although everything listed above is just a brief overview, when these ingredients are combined together, their mechanics will benefit each other and improve your cognitive and physical performance. The ingredients above were carefully selected to piggy-back off of each other and work synergistically to enhance performance. Ingredients included are also clinically dosed to help you get the most of the product when going through the daily grind. The ingredients are top quality and many are potent all by themselves.


Right now, NootropiMax is listed at $39.99 on their website, but using the code PMAX30 gets you 30% off your entire order. You're getting an amazing month-supply of one of the market's top Nootropic product for UNDER $1/day if you use the 2 cap dosing. If you are only using 1 cap per day that means its only $0.50 per serving! Performax Labs NootropiMax is a phenomenal Nootropic product that can be used by just about anyone.



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