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The Cleanest Protein on the Market?

full disclosure my whey

It's not often a protein powder is brought to the forefront of the supplement world as something great. Realistically, those who have been in the supplement industry for a while will see a protein powder, look at its claims, and dust it under the rug, and rightfully so. There is no protein powder that will help you gain 10lbs in a 14 days, or will increase your bench press by 50lbs in a month. With that being said, there is a protein powder now on the market with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, and a complete nutrition label that may change the "all proteins are the same" way of thinking. Full Disclosure Nutrition's My Whey fits the bill as the cleanest protein on the market but would it meet the expectations of the staff at Modern Athletic Health? We picked up a tub of Raspberry Tea flavor during Full Disclosure Nutrition's 4th of July sale to review. In short, let's just say that this not only met, but exceeded our expectations.

FLAVOR: Initially, you are greeted with a very subtle raspberry smell when you open the tub, and a little bit of the "stevia scent". To start, I mixed one scoop (25g) with about 8oz of water, The flavor when it first hits you is of a warm raspberry tea, almost herbal in nature. If you are expecting Lipton or Brisk sweetened ice tea, you will probably be disappointed since this isn't loaded up with 50g of sugar. However, the flavor is light, and the sweetness level of the stevia is perfect. Between the natural flavoring and stevia extract, you are getting less than 500mg per serving of a sweetener, and the flavor is still powerful. The flavor is definitely different and refreshing compared to the vanilla and chocolate proteins of the world. Different is a good thing, and this flavor is something that you'll enjoy over and over again. One thing to note, for those of you who do not like the bitterness of stevia, you really do not experience this with the raspberry tea flavor. While you can tell that the uniqueness of stevia is in the flavor, it's certainly not overpowering and shouldn't deter you away from trying this flavor. The best part is it is versatile; we tested with water, almond milk, normal milk, coconut milk, and juice. While some may consider the thought of raspberry tea with normal milk disgusting, it actually adds to the creaminess of the proteins texture. It's safe to say we loved the raspberry tea.

MIXABILITY: Hands down, the best mixing protein we have ever used; period. As stated before, we tried all the types of liquids and My Whey mixed up perfectly in each. In water, a scoop pretty much disintegrates after 5-10 shakes. This isn't a protein that you have to shake vigorously for 5 minutes and then throw in a blender ball, a strainer, and then shake continuously in between sips. In fact, there was no need to shake in between sips because it mixed that well. In thicker liquids such as milk or almond milk, you do have to shake a bit harder, but unlike most proteins, it does not clump or give you chunks when you're sipping. This makes portability of it great because if you're in a bind, you can toss a scoop of this in with just about any liquid knowing that it is going to mix up quickly and effectively.

Props to Full Disclosure Nutrition for making such an easy mixing protein.


The moment you have all been waiting for; what makes My Whey that much different from other proteins? Well, let's take a look at the nutrition label to find out. In each 25g scoop you're getting 100 calories, 5 of them come from fat (roughly .5g fat) 1g of carbohydrates (nearly negated by the amount of dietary fiber included) and 20g of protein. You also receive 120mg of calcium and 60g of sodium; both important electrolytes to help you perform at your best.

Next we see that this product is 100% whey protein isolate (WPI 90). What does this mean and why is it important?

So many times we see that a protein has a whey isolate and a whey concentrate, or a blended mixture. More often than not, when a protein like this is tested, it may have 25g of protein on the label, but when tested it only yields 15-18g of true protein. What does that mean and where is the rest of the protein? Well, a label is not required to disclose certain ingredients and so it could be spiked with aminos, full of glycine, taurine, or other fillers. With Full Disclosure Nutrition, you never have to worry about amino spiking or being unsure of what is in your products; they show it all. The 23.33g of WPI 90 protein listed ensure that you are getting the purest of pure 20g of protein possible when consumed.

Lastly, they disclose everything that is used for flavoring. Natural flavoring (the raspberry flavor) Guar gum (a common thickening agent to give things a creamier texture) and stevia extract are all they use for flavoring. Not only are the flavorings disclosed, but they make sure to include the full amount of each as well! Name one other company on the market that does that with their protein powders... We'll wait...

If you take a look at the very bottom of the label, you'll see one of the most important pieces of this product "other ingredients: none". That's it, what you see is what you get and nothing more or less. Full Disclosure Nutrition's labels are about as clean as you will find on the market today.

PRICE POINT: Don't worry if you missed the 4th of July sale, you're still able to head over to and use the code MAH20 to get 20% off your whole purchase. That brings the protein down to about $48+ shipping which is a heck of a deal for a product this good. Orders over $100 receive FREE SHIPPING, and orders of any amount receive a FREE SHAKER BOTTLE, so simple math would tell you to pick up at least two tubs to gain the free shipping . It is a protein definitely worth trying and although it seems slightly more expensive, you're getting more protein and frankly more security with what you're ingesting from this container than you would in most other 2lb tub containers!

OUR FINAL THOUGHTS: My Whey is undoubtedly the cleanest tasting, looking, and mixing protein we have ever used. Absolutely no digestions issues regardless of how it was taken and there was no bloating or fullness from the product either. Check this article written a few months ago by Bob Kupniewski for more details and a breakdown of Amino Spiking and Prop Blend Proteins

If you haven't tried My Whey yet and are looking to switch it up, we highly recommend heading on over to Full Disclosure Nutrition's website to give it a try. This up and coming company is going to put out clean products just like My Whey and we are excited for the future of supplements with Full Disclosure Nutrition. Currently they have a BCAA product (BCAA Blast) and Natural Test Booster/Support (Test Arrival) as well to check out. You wont be disappointed.



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