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Powerful Oatmeal Review

Taking "Proatmeal" to another level with Powerful Oatmeal:

powerful oatmeal review

It is pretty well known throughout the entire fitness world that oatmeal is right up there next to rice as the "king of carbs". Quick, cheap, easy to make, and relatively portable. Protein oatmeal or "proats", is another common food selection for those who are looking for a quick meal in the morning or before they workout. Although slightly less convenient, these proats seem to be a staple in most fitness athletes diet. The main issue with this is in order to make proats, you're going to need additional protein powder, in a flavor you want, aside from your normal post workout shake. Over time this can get a little bit costly and for those of us who don't like the flavor protein we have, we have to plug our nose and try to eat it as fast as possible. Not to mention some proteins tend to not mix well with a spoon and that leaves us with a thick powder ball that is tough to swallow. Luckily the Powerful Yogurt company created a delicious and convenient way for us to enjoy our protein packed oatmeal.

Powerful Oatmeal offers 4 delicious flavors in a single serving convenient cup. Made with very few ingredients, and no fillers, Powerful Oatmeal is the perfect, quick pick-me-up for anyone from athletes to stay at home parents looking to add a delicious protein boost to their diet.

Powerful Oatmeal separates itself from other protein oatmeal's with its convenience and easy (no need for) clean up single serving containers. The container the product comes in is a small plastic cup, about the size of a single serving cereal cup we all used to get back in elementary school. All you need to do is add water and microwave, or add boiled water, stir and you're all set! When you're finished, throw the cup away and all that leaves you with is a spoon to wash. Containers have a pull-back seal on the top which allows for easy transportation in a gym bag, backpack, purse, or whatever you carry it in, all without the worry of a spill. For those of us with busy lifestyles, the convenience of this product is enough to make us love the product already!

powerful oatmeal review

So, how does it taste?

Powerful Oatmeal offers 4 unique flavors; some well known classics that many love, and a couple unique flavors that you are sure to enjoy.

The classics; maple and brown sugar, and apple cinnamon are both sure to please anyone who has tried these flavors before. The other two flavors-- banana, and peanut butter honey are perfect for those who are looking to excite their taste buds and break away from more traditional flavors.

Here at Modern Athletic Health, we were able to sample the apple cinnamon and peanut butter honey flavors.

Apple Cinnamon: The apple cinnamon was a little thicker than regular oatmeal, but had a delicious cinnamon taste with small pieces of apple mixed in. The protein "flavor" is non-existent and we actually prefer this flavor to any other apple cinnamon flavored oatmeal that we have tried. The little bits of apple in it make it that much tastier and add to the texture of the oatmeal. Overall, a very pleasant taste and if you did a blindfolded test, you wouldn't be able to tell this apart from other name brand regular oatmeals.

Peanut Butter Honey: This flavor was amazing, and it tastes exactly the way the flavor profile sounds. Essentially, it tastes as if someone mixed a big scoop of honey and peanut butter into your oatmeal. Like a mushier version of a peanut butter and honey sandwich. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and is not overpowering at all. If you're craving peanut butter in your diet then look no further; this will hit the spot. Again, this flavor is a little thicker than regular oatmeal so it's important to stir it well before eating. This flavor is definitely different than traditional flavors in a very good way! *Note: This flavor will be available on Amazon in the near future. Be sure to follow Powerful Yogurt on Instagram for updates!

Nutrition Facts

powerful oatmeal review

The nutrition label for each one of these flavors are very similar. Each cup comes in at 240 calories with 20g of protein, between 2.5-3.5g of fat and 30-32g of carbs. Each cup also has less than 10 total grams of sugar and all have at least 3g of fiber. Not only are the macros great but Powerful Oatmeal only uses natural ingredients. There are no artificial flavors or colors, and stevia is used as a sweetener.

Each 65g pack uses whey protein concentrate, and milk protein isolates as their main forms of protein. Each cup also packs nuts, real pieces of fruit, or both, into the mix which makes for a delicious bite every time.

All natural ingredients, real fruit and nuts, and high protein makes this oatmeal the perfect meal replacement as well.

Price point

Powerful Oatmeal is now EXTREMELY affordable when you use our Modern Athletic Health reader discount code. If you visit and use the code MODERN30 at checkout, you will get 30% off your entire order, not just your Powerful Oatmeal, but the brands other products as well which we will hopefully be able to offer reviews of soon!

That discount brings the cost down from $16.79 to $11.75 for a 6-pack! Less than $2 per cup; talk about a deal! While you're over at their website, checkout their Powerful Yogurt Protein drinks, Powerful yogurt, and awesome apparel as well!

Powerful Oatmeal is a delicious, macro friendly product that satisfies the sweetest of sweet tooths without all the added sugars and fats. It's time to get powerful and check out Powerful Oatmeal.



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