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Macho Box Review

macho box review

You may have noticed that recently having small packages delivered to your door every month filled with food, clothing, or other types of product is all the rage. While this is a novel concept, how much of the stuff in those boxes do you actually use? Well, with MachoBox, a box filled with men's grooming items and other everyday essentials for the everyday macho man, you'll never be disappointed! MachoBox arrives at your door every month with a nutritional supplement/product, a hair product or products, a skin and body care product, and a select fragrance product, sometimes including full size products or items like shaker cups! Each product you receive is a premium product from popular and prestigious brands; they don't fill it with just any old product! This is the ultimate subscription or gift for the everyday macho man in your life!

July's MachoBox had a wide variety of amazing products we used and love! This box contained 7 different products, which was much more than expected. It contained:

Billy Jealousy's Fuzzy Logic Shampoo and Hair Sculpting Paste: Billy Jealousy, a company founded in 2004, formulates their products with care and with the finest raw materials. In this box we get a premium travel sized shampoo (which smells amazing) and a small trial size of the sculpting paste. The shampoo has a minty smell and a cooling feel to it which feels amazing right away in the morning. A little goes a long way with these travel sized products and they will certainly last you longer than you think.

Mad Viking Beard Blackout Bar: Mad Viking Beard Co. is a company based out of Pennsylvania, dedicated to creating a full line of products for men and women alike. The beard and body bar that I received has a peppermint and essential oil scent that diffuses an amazing aroma even when not in use. This bar is perfect for those who may have oily or dry skin. Mad Viking Beard Co. is a great company with a huge variety of products worth checking out!

Versace Eros Cologne: We all know the prestige Versace gets when it comes to fashion, but their fragrances are just as amazing. This travel sized cologne is very long lasting (could smell it all day) and does not require much at all to achieve a high quality aroma ambiance!

XPN Nutrition ISO Extreme and Shaker: XPN, a Canadian based supplement company, is a full spectrum supplement company, offering just about every product you could think of under the sun. We were able to try their blueberry flavor and chocolate flavor whey in the awesome shaker cup they sent us as well! The protein has a great ingredient profile and tastes amazing in water or in milk.

macho box review

July's MachoBox was nothing short of phenomenal and had all around amazing products. Right now if you use the code MODERN25 on their website, you are able to receive a 25% discount on either their one, three, or six month subscription to MachoBox!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to and try your first subscription today, you won't regret it!



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