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Don't Blame Genetics

dont blame genetics

So, after getting an overwhelming response from my eBook, I have received several letters and personal messages where each one of you not only wish to know more about “Don’t Blame Genetics” (DBG) but also the details that took place with me while I was setting it up. Before I proceed with sharing more about my company, I would like to thank all of you for the appreciations and positive feedback. DBG isn’t just a company but an ideology and a mindset, so let’s start restructuring ourselves and the way we think about our health and fitness.

DBG isn’t just another phrase; it’s an inspiration and a self-motivation. It’s a message to all those who neither are constrained by nature and all those who hold the ability to work hard for their mental and physical health. It inspires you to let go off all excuses, shyness, and laziness by urging you to start working your body off.

As it goes, to gain something you must invest something and here we are talking about time and devotion. All those bodies which you find attractive and wish to get a like one, just remember all those people weren’t born with such bodies; they had invested their time and potential and now it’s your time to shine. Just be honest with yourself, no matter how much unfit or obese you are, always remember it’s only you who can reform it. Don’t Blame Genetics declare to the world, “I will not be held back from my dreams!”

One thing that people confuse DBG with is that it focuses primarily on weight/fat. Addressing the concern of people who frequently write to me and are genuinely conditioned or disabled I may say, I do consider the fact that yes, genetics do have a particular role to play in some people’s life and does constrain them to a certain extent.

So there is no generalization of facts here. What I do have to say in this regard is that DBG was cultivated out of positivity and inspiration, not fat shaming or negativity. If you are overweight and don’t regret anything about it, then do nothing like that. On the other side if you are dejected, obese, and steadfast on blaming genetics solely then it’s high time that you wake up, tie up your laces and start making an effort to defeat your obesity. As said earlier, if you have to gain something you can’t do it without putting some extra effort.

For me, it all started during spring of 2015 while I was in that phase where I was well along with my way of learning more about fitness and looking/feeling better. I left no articles, blogs, videos, plans and forums to enhance my knowledge regarding fitness. On several forums, I became a passive part of the heated debates going on about genetics’ role in a person’s health and fitness.

Arguments from each side were very well constructed and appealed to me. While balancing off the both sides, I came to the equilibrium that whatever hand you were dealt in life, do not use that as a crutch and don’t blame genetics. I don’t know why but my brain caught this phrase of “don’t blame genetics.” All the times when my brain wasn’t processing any other information/thoughts, I use to think about DBG until I decided to take my story public and start inspiring all those alike me.

Following the spring, in the summer of 2015, I proceeded to move forward with my company. After doing a lot of research and consultation, I found it very vital to get my idea patented first and then come up with a website as a platform to spread my word. As August came around the corner, my website was functional with all the content, and as a promotional strategy, my first set of shirts were being printed which was a big thing for me!

With the start of October, my first real push into the world of social media started. Due to an immense spread of the digital world, it has become very easy and imperative for any entrepreneur to reach a maximum number of people through social media. To keep my channels attractive, active and credible, I had to work with a team of top-notch athletes. I had my first team members on board and Team DBG was born. After our initial brainstorming session, we finalized apparel designs, promotion through expos, and the future of DBG. From that point forward, everything grew and expanded ten-fold.

Talking about the prospects, Team DBG highly regards what its followers demand. Your responses are what will drive this initiative. Continuous release of weekly articles to keep people informed and entertained will take place as people trust us and our information. 2017 will prove to be a major milestone and important year for Don’t Blame Genetics. The further course of action will be revealed after the strategic sessions of Team DBG. But just as a head start, we are considering for supplements, customized meal plans and training programs to be incorporated under our initiative. It really depends on what Team DBG thinks is best and what our loyal customer base wants!

Always remember. You cannot attain the prize without paying the price.

dont blame genetics



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