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Killcliff Clean Recovery & Hydration Review

killcliff review

KILL CLIFF is a high-quality recovery drink that is not only delicious, but is effective for athletes who want to take their training to the next level. Endorsed by elite athletes of many sports, Kill Cliff helps increase performance and speed up recovery times by utilizing essential nutrients and plant-based sweeteners.

KILL CLIFF beverages use stevia and erythritol to help give it an AWESOME taste. Stevia and erythritol are non-GMO sweeteners that are calorie free, have low blood sugar impact, and have a great taste.

KILL CLIFF has become an essential component in a number of diets that look to restrict carbohydrate levels, manage blood sugar, and control insulin release among dieters and athletes alike.

killcliff recovery label

Ginseng Root Powder (Panax): A plant material commonly used as an herbal supplement for over 2000 years. Some recent research has indicated it may be beneficial in recovery from strenuous activities by easing muscle damage and inflammation.

Green Tea Extract (EGCG): A highly concentrated form of catechin, an antioxidant and active ingredient of green tea.

Taurine: A conditional amino acid found naturally in meat, fish, and breast milk. It is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body, found in the brain, retina, heart, and blood cells. (KILL CLIFF uses a significantly reduced amount compared to what is found in energy drinks).

Ginger Extract: An extract from the ginger plant that is commonly used in home remedies and herbal supplementation for a variety of ailments. Ginger has beneficial impacts on circulation and is contains gingerols (anti-inflammatories).

Sodium and Potassium: Electrolytes to support hydration

Our Review: We chose to just use one can after every workout to truly test its recovery aspect and see if it helped with anything else. What we found over the course of use was that it significantly reduced muscle cramping and restless feeling post workout. It also reduced cramping in the middle of the night, primarily in the lower body. We did not have the lethargy, cramping, or dragging tired feeling that usually comes on after workouts. The ability to remain productive and feel good about staying active long after workouts is enough to make us a regular user of Kill Cliff!

Flavors: While we found all the flavors to be very enjoyable, we have ranked the 5 of them from favorite to 5th favorite (because least favorite would imply maybe we didn't like one).

Kill Cliff has a unique taste within each flavor and is much different than your classic recovery or energy drinks. One thing we did notice that there is a somewhat strong ginger taste from the extract within Kill Cliff. While we love ginger ale and the use of ginger in recipes, some individuals may not like that flavor and may find this not palatable. Those people are the types of people who may not finish the workout and don't deserve a Kill Cliff anyway! (kidding, kind of!)

1. Lemon Lime: This was hands down our favorite flavor of Kill Cliff. There is a delicious and somewhat sour Lemon Lime flavor that is highly addictive. It doesn't taste like your average lemon lime soda or citrus based energy drink. The lemon lime flavor combined with the ginger aftertaste makes this a delicious and refreshing combination.

2. Blood Orange: This flavor is a tough one to describe seeing we haven't had very many experiences with either the actual fruit, or blood orange flavored products. All we know is that it is amazing. The flavor has a hint of orange but a little bit more bitter and less sour than orange flavored products. Not only that but it does not have the throat stinging feel you sometimes get when eating or drinking orange flavored items. It is smooth and tasty.

3. Blackberry Lemonade: This flavor has a subtle hint of blackberry in it but lacks the lemonade flavor that most would expect. It does have a bit of a sour flavor to it which may be what Kill Cliff intended to do with the lemonade portion. In that case, we applaud them for doing that rather than adding a bunch of additional sweeteners and extra citric acid to try and make the flavor "pop".

4. Pomegranate Punch: This was another flavor that we just expected a little bit more out of. There is a subtle hint of pomegranate flavoring, but it is sometimes taken over by the ginger taste. Again, we find it to be smooth and delicious but others may find this to be a bit of a letdown when it comes to the pomegranate flavor.

5.Wild Raspberry Blueberry: The reason this flavor was last on this list is because we did not find any kind of wild raspberry flavor in it. We were expecting more of a sour blue raspberry flavor which it lacked. The flavor was more of a sour blueberry which is actually pretty good! This flavor also lacked the stronger ginger taste which made for a nice switch up. This one just ranks a little lower for me because we were expecting the blue raspberry that just never showed up. Still delicious for what it did have!

Realistically, there isn't a bad flavor of Kill Cliff and most importantly, we find it a bit more flavorful and enjoyable than a carbonated sugar free energy drink. We love that they use Erythritol and have minimal sugars as well, alongside the 25mg of caffeine. This is a product that you can use at night after workouts as well, not just during the day time, and it will not keep you awake and jittery.

Another impressive benefit is that it works great as a mixer for unflavored supplements such as creatine, unflavored aminos, glutamine, and so on! We wouldn't recommend shaking it up in a shaker cup (slightly carbonated) however it would be great to mask the natural flavor some unflavored aminos and glutamine have. We mixed a can post workout with some unflavored aminos and powdered betaine anhydrous and it masked the flavor fairly well. This is definitely a great product to mix in a post workout cocktail!

Pricing: Price points for Kill Cliff varies because you can by individual box flavors or by case. This ranges from $11.99 for a 4 pack to $58.99 for a 24 pack case. However, if you use the code MODERN20 at checkout, you will get 20% off your entire order! That brings a 4 pack down to under $10 and a 24-pack case to under $50! This is a heck of a deal you need to get in on.

KILL CLIFF is an absolutely delicious product that is 100% worth trying. Not only will this help to improve your recovery time after difficult workouts, but it tastes great, and is a great company. One thing many people may over look was this product was created by a Navy Seal and a portion of each can sold goes to supporting these men and women fighting for our freedom. Improve recovery and help to support those who are fighting overseas for our freedom? Sounds like something we can and should get behind. Kill the Quit with KILL CLIFF.



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