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Compression As a Recovery Tool; Why You Need It

When you think of recovery tools, what comes to mind first; supplements? Mobility balls? Foam rollers? Massage? While all of those are certainly useful tools in any athlete's arsenal, most people overlook the benefits of compression wear as an equally important recovery tool. 

Compression attire, while not a cure-all for DOMS (muscle soreness), or fatigue, has its place in anyone's repertoire after a tough workout. Studies on compression clothing have been shown to reduce muscle soreness, improve blood flow (and reduce deep vein thrombosis), and increase muscle recovery.  When worn on the lower body, specifically around the calf, compression sleeves can prevent calf cramps and shin splints; the worst nightmare for an athlete.  Using a compression sleeve has numerous benefits that will help you to perform at the top of your game, day after day.

VinZen Wellness, a company that specializes in calf compression sleeves, created this product because they know and understand why recovery is important for everyone.  The company, founded by two individuals, set out to create a product that would aid to help everyone, regardless of background, to live a better quality, pain-free life.  Currently, VinZen has 4 sizes of their men's and women's calf compression sleeves in black (Small through X-Large),  but are working to manufacture more colors and sizes soon. On their website, they also currently offer men and women's silicone wedding bands as well, perfect for any active individual or athlete. They also have been working to create full length calf compression socks, knee compression sleeves, and more to help you enjoy whatever you choose to do in life.

This growing company will soon have a large list of compression attire  for all your recovery needs.

Anyone who is relatively active throughout the day will receive a benefit from using these compression calf sleeves.  Those who have active jobs or are on their feet all day such as retail, nurses and doctors, construction or manual labor, or anyone who travels frequently will almost instantly benefit from using VinZen calf compression sleeves. Compression calf sleeves are light weight, non slip, and machine washable. They are also very breathable and won't feel like you're wearing a heavy wool sock if you choose to wear them all day.

The best part is if you head over to  you can get a pair of these compression calf sleeves for $19.97.  Not only that but use the code VINZEN25 and you will get 25% off of your order on their website!  Men and women everywhere are taking advantage of the numerous benefits that come along with wearing compression sleeves.  VinZen's compression calf sleeves can help to increase muscle recovery, reduce swelling, and improve blood circulation throughout the day or after workouts.  Whether you have a tough manual labor job, you're on your feet all day, or you're looking to get your legs back under you after a tough workout, VinZen's compression calf sleeves will help to speed up your recovery.




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