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Innovapharm Enduralean Review

enduralean review

I have always been a little hesitant to use thermogenic powders. I have used a few in the past and had success with one of them (Original PES Alphamine). The rest had always seemed to fall short at what you want in a weight loss supplement. Either they are too much like a pre workout, difficult to swallow because of poor flavor, or they are too weak to even call themselves a thermogenic. With that in mind I started this journey a little hesitant to try Innovapharm’s Enduralean, but after trying their other products in the past, I did have high hopes for this as well.

Let’s just say not only did it meet AND exceed expectations, but this is hands down the greatest thermogenic/fat burning supplement I have ever used in my 10 years of training and supplementation.

Enduralean not only boosted my weight loss goals, but I was also able to diet down with ease. How many times have you heard someone say “dieting isn’t that bad”? Well, with Innovapharm’s new endurance enhancing thermogenic, you can say that I was the first.

Sour Dazzle Flavor: Initially, I was intrigued by the flavor name and did not know what to really expect. Usually “sour” flavoring means they load the product up with citric acid and you need to water it down so you don’t feel like you’re sucking on 10 lemon warheads. However, Sour dazzle is actually VERY tasty. It has a blue-ish tint to it and also has a bit of a blue raspberry flavor! It is a very unique flavor and I cannot think of any other food, candy, or flavor to compare it to; that is a good thing. For me, 1 scoop (~3g) in 12-16oz of water was perfect. Not too sweet, not to sour, but refreshing and with good enough flavor that it was a joy to drink. When I moved to 2 scoops, I used a full shaker cup, so roughly 20-24oz of water and thought that was perfect as well.

Innovapharm did an absolute outstanding job packing such a great flavor into a 3g scoop. The greatest part about the powder is just that, it’s a powder! You can play around with dosing and the amount of water you use with this if you feel the flavor is too strong or too weak. Something you can’t do with capsules or pills. If there is any downfall to this product and its flavor, it is that it can be addicting. Had it not been so strong effects wise (I’ll get to that later), it is something I could sip on all day! The flavor: an easy 10/10

*Editors note: I used this product as well and have to strongly agree with our reviewer. I have been off the product two weeks now and every morning I miss waking up to the refreshing taste of this mix!

Mixability: Good but not great. If I was forced to list one flaw of this product, it’s that there are sometimes remnants on the bottom of the shaker. This does not bother me, but to some it may be annoying. Just swishing around the cup however gets the job done and the remnants are gone. The silver lining to this is that the taste and consistency of the product is smooth, there is no grittiness and even with remnants at the bottom, the particles are so fine that you do not even notice they are there unless you make it a point to look at them. Mixability gets an 8/10


enduralean label

Mind-Muscle Performance Blend: The choline bitartrate and N-acetyl L-Tyrosine work together to give you that nootropic feel good effect. This combo also is popular for focus, positive mood enhancement and in many cases improved motivation. I know for me these two ingredients are a must have because of the mood elevation effects. The addition of HICA into the mix is also an excellent component because of its anti-catabolic properties. For those of you who are unaware, HICA is a metabolite of leucine, which is what many consider the most important amino acid with regards to muscle growth. The addition of Ashwaganda and the Terminalia Arjuna are also important when you look at athletic performance, cardiovascular endurance and the v02Max. These two ingredients are what provide the additional endurance boost while using Enduralean. I felt that while using Enduralean, it played a key role in enhancing my workouts and energy levels throughout the day as well. I’ve experienced the stage of my workout where I start to crash after taking a thermogenic and then pre workout later in the day. With this however, I didn’t have an issue with pushing through a 2-3 hour training session. Lastly, Intellectus or Celastrus paniculatus is an ingredient not seen often but has many benefits. The dosing in this helps to alleviate cognitive clouding and really gives you the tunnel vision focus that all athletes need when working out. It also provides you with the clean energy that doesn’t seem to dissipate throughout the day. I feel Innovapharm’s initiative in adding this to their product was a big step in the right direction for them to set themselves and their products apart from the same old stuff you typically see.

Targeted Fat Melting Matrix: We start out by seeing caffeine on the label, so nothing new here. Next 2-Amino-6-Methylheptane or as many call it DMHA. This ingredient is like DMAA on steroids. The energy, appetite suppression, and increased alertness are just some of the many benefits this ingredient has. The one downside is that they do not disclose the amount you are getting per scoop, however around 75mg’s would be my estimate based on research. The 13-methylberberine alongside grains of paradise are two components that assist with burning fat and shifting the body’s use of energy to fat. Lastly you see Rauwolscine; an ingredient commonly used in natural fat burning supplements today. This product, in sum, blocks receptors that put a stop to lipolysis, or fat burning. What this means is if the receptors are blocked, your body is able to continuously burn the triglycerides and fatty acids in the body. Lastly the N-coumaroyldopamine is a great alternative to the DMAA because of its similar use and muscle hardening effects.

I give the label a 9/10 only because of the proprietary blend.

Effectiveness: In case I hadn’t mentioned it numerous times before, this stuff works, and it works well. I did 3 full weeks at one scoop before moving to 2 scoops in the morning. I dosed before breakfast on an empty stomach and often ate 20-30 minutes afterwards. The energy you receive from Enduralean hits you within minutes of your first couple sips. One thing to remember is that it does have an appetite suppressant property and so if you wait too long to eat after taking it, you may not feel hungry or want to eat. I occasionally found myself force feeding a second dinner before bed just to hit my macros! I was also able to keep my macros around maintenance (2600) and not have to stray or go much lower in order to achieve my goal (about 1lb per week) When I started using Enduralean, I was weighing in at 247, midway through my ketogenic diet approach.

By the end of my diet, I hit 231.8, a 15lb loss in about 2 months. Not only this but I was able to maintain most of my strength and not feel drained in the gym. The kicker to all this: there are 84 scoops in a tub and I did not finish the entire tub. With about 12 scoops left, I was able to drop 15lbs, maintain strength (and actually improve some lifts), gain endurance, become more alert, and have an improved sense of wellbeing. Name one other individual product on the market that offers you all of these things? The bottom line is, this works amazingly well and I feel it is necessary for those who struggle with dieting to give this a try.

Cost: Right now it is extremely cost effective. This is a supplement that essentially gives you a 3-month supply for under $35. How you ask? Head on over to Innovapharm’s website and use the code MODERN20 for 20% of your order at! That is $12 per month, for a supplement that not only benefits your fat loss goals, but improves cognitive performance and helps to spare muscle. Honestly, what do you have to lose? I have a few more tubs on the way!

Innovapharm knocked it out of the park yet again with their endurance enhancing fat burner Enduralean. This stuff works, and works well. For such a cheap price you can get yourself a delish refreshing powder that is going to help you achieve all of your summer goals. Whether you’re looking to cut a little weight for a competition or get ripped and ready for the beach, Innovapharm has you covered. I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Innovapharm for letting me try their new thermogenic fat burner, Enduralean.



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