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Tilapia to Thin the Skin

This is something that is more applied/geared towards competitive physique sports BUT I have heard and seen this in general health/wellness as well. First, let me ask you a question? Do you think that there are foods that exist that enhance fat loss and the way you look? If you have answered yes, you are wrong, this is the biggest misconception that is out there and it is highly around the use/consumption of the fish tilapia. It is believed that by switching to tilapia that you can drastically increase fat loss and magically enhance your physical appearance by "thinning" the skin. From a biological standpoint point, there is no physical possible way that you can thin the skin on your body. Can you tighten? Sure BUT only for small intervals/periods of time through topical creams and segments of makeup products.

Does your body recognize that it is consuming a specific source and it morphs your bodies chemistry along with its appearance to look completely different? Not at all. Can you eat certain foods and have adverse effects that can impact how you look, sure. Whether it be bloating, swelling, or others, you can consume foods that can negatively impact how you look. Can you consume foods to enhance the aesthetics of your physique? Sure, but it's nothing short of just filling out your muscles and making you look more vascular. It is not literally morphing your body to thin your skin to look tighter.

I understand that some people are not being literal but when you use terms and statements like "thinning the skin" what the hell do you expect people to do and think, especially if they are not educated. Here is the key thing, by decreasing the fat between muscle and your skin, does it make your skin look thinner? Yes, but it has nothing to do with actual thinning of the skin. It simply has to do with decreasing the space between your physical anatomy (muscle and skin). I hope this makes sense and that a lot of you are starting to see the difference between fat loss and being sold fairy tales and told myths.

Now, some of you may be asking or saying, then why when I switch my protein sources from steak, chicken, etc. to tilapia I just seem to look better and better? The answer is pretty simple, caloric/energy balance. Meaning, by switching from your typical protein sources (chicken and steak) to tilapia you are manipulating and dropping your total caloric intake. So, when you manipulate your caloric intake (dropping it) in line with adequate to high activity, what happens, yup fat loss.

What happens when you lose fat, you physically look better *mind blown*.

Instead of me just talking about it, how about I show you with figures/numbers?

Average caloric values for protein sources

Sirloin Steak: on average per 4 oz.'s = 240 kcals Chicken Breast: on average per 4 oz.'s = 122 kcals Tilapia: on average per 4 oz.'s = 108 kcals

Protein source comparisons

Sirloin Steak vs. Tilapia = 132 kcal difference Chicken Breast vs. Tilapia = 14 kcal difference

Now let’s take a general athlete, it doesn’t matter if a male or female:

Athlete’s daily caloric intake = 1,800 calories

Daily protein intake = 225 grams = 900 kcals

Daily fat intake = 40 grams = 360 kcals

Daily carb intake = 135 grams

Now, let’s say the person is on a meal plan, eat 6 meals a day, each meal has 35 grams of protein per meal which is 5.5 oz.’s of chicken per meal for simplicity. That 5.5 oz.’s of chicken is going to contain 155 calories. Across 6 meals a day that is 930 calories a day worth of chicken. From what I provided above, we know that there is a 14-calorie difference between tilapia and chicken breast. Let’s say the athlete’s coach decides to switch all protein sources from chicken breast to tilapia to thin the skin.

If we replaced chicken with tilapia across all 6 of those meals that is an 84-calorie difference. That may not seem like much, but from a coach’s perspective, it is huge. Also, with assumption if the coach is really trying to thin that skin and dial things in they will likely increase the athlete’s activity/cardio. With the combination, of the heavy caloric change as well the increase in activity, what else would you expect to happen. You will get leaner, which decreases the amount of fat between muscle and your skin, which gives the perception that your skin is thinner.

There is not much more to say or go into around this topic as a lot of it explains itself. Switching protein sources does not magically morph your body. Long term and chronically decreased food intake and increased activity will enhance fat loss. Enhanced fat loss decreases the amount of fat between muscle and your skin which looks like your thin is getting thinner. Finally, stop believing and listening to just anyone. Learn to think for yourself, as always, if you are thinking live everyone else, you are not thinking.

RJ Perkins

Aesthetics Training and Nutrition

Owner and Head Coach

Instagram: @atn_coaching

Twitter: @atn_coaching



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