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Review: Simple Mobility Tools

simple mobility review 10.1

It is incredibly rare, especially in the health and fitness industry, to come across a product that works as well as advertised. After using the Simple Mobility Tool 10.1 you will look at foam rollers the way professional athletes would look at a pickup game in a backyard, there's simply no comparison.

Before I get into my personal experiences and results with this product, lets talk about the product itself and what exactly it is designed to do... and how it does it!

Featuring a rugged, purpose-built design, The Mobilizer is built to last. Uniquely engineered polyurethane wheels deliver focused pressure, while at the same time flexing and giving to the weight of your body. And, the width between the wheels can easily be adjusted, too. The Mobilizer also features precision bearings for unrestricted movement and is assembled with stainless-steel hardware.

The Story (and man) Behind the Mobilizers

The story behind The Mobilizer is the story of Simple Mobility Tools’ Scott Burson. And Scott’s back.

An avid surfer and active participant in aggressive fitness and cross-training programs, Scott has suffered from pain and stiffness in his back and neck for 25 years. Fifteen years ago, he began physical therapy and using a foam roller. (Name a foam roller or trigger point device available on the market, and chances are he’s tried it — and probably uses it daily.) And while the foam roller and stretching techniques he learned in physical therapy have kept him going, nothing he used during his daily stretching routine could ever reach deeply enough to provide the kind of relief he was looking for. The kind of relief only his physical therapist could provide.

Scott designed The Mobilizer with that goal in mind. Initial prototypes — developed with materials purchased from the hardware store — offered instant relief. More than he had felt in years. He passed along a few samples to his physical therapists, who immediately began using them for their own relief, as well as to some friends who are avid athletes. Their verdict? The Mobilizer isn’t just great for the thoracic spine, but other areas of the body, too — it will isolate and loosen muscles more quickly than you’ve ever experienced. Behind every claim we make, there’s the story of Scott’s pain. He found relief in The Mobilizer. So will you.


Engineered to deliver the greatest mobility in the shortest possible amount of time, The Mobilizer targets hard-to-reach muscles and joints far better and much more quickly than traditional foam rollers or similar products. Use it to dig deeper than you ever thought possible and kick stiffness to the curb.

The thoracic spine sits between your shoulder blades. In its ideal state, your thoracic spine is designed to move — to rotate, extend, and flex. But when it grows stiff or immobile, it can reduce your range of motion and put additional torque and strain on your lower back and other joints, often resulting in injury. Use The Mobilizer to improve and expand your thoracic spine mobility and increase your overall range of motion.


Get 10% off your purchase with code MOBILE10 at checkout!


The answer is an astounding yes. Like Scott, I have several chronic injuries from playing football through college and the associated wear and tear from being a Wide Receiver and pushing heavy weights in the off season. I suffered a partially torn psoas and labrum (hip) in 2013 which led to a rotated pelvis and a whole host of associated issues that come with hip and abdominal injuries. This injury did a number on my entire body, especially my back and neck due to being chronically crooked! Even with intense physical therapy and rehab, I never felt GOOD, until I received this product from Scott a little over a month ago.

The relief was INSTANT. I truly do not think I have ever been THIS mobile or pain free. I am functioning now, physically, in a manner I never thought possible. With the reduction of pain and the increased mobility, my mood has also vastly improved, as chronic pain has been directly linked to a variety of depressive states.

So what specifically did I notice with the Mobilizers?

In no particular order:

  • You can change the cross friction/direction and angles at which you hit a muscle or joint (not possible with larger foam rollers)

  • Gets places even a massage therapist can't get

  • It hits your muscles in every way the foam roller or traditional massage ball simply can't

  • I highly recommend getting all three sizes but if I had to suggest one I would say the green one

  • Can also use it as a hand roller. This is not what it's designed for but it is still an alternate use if you have the grip strength.

  • I have a thera-cane which I do like... but these tools blow that out of the water

  • With foam rolling you feel like you have to do it for such a long period of time and the second you stop doing it, it stops feeling good. That's because you're not actually getting the knots out. The simple mobility tool takes only 3 to 5 strokes on most spots, sometimes even you'll hit it on the first try

  • I use the tool before my workouts to get a full range of motion for my session, and if I tighten up during a workout I will give a couple passes over the tight spots during my workout

  • Along with this increased ROM comes increased blow flow. And with increased ROM and blood flow you will see increased strength and improvements in muscle size and definition... I am FINALLY responded to my training again

  • The Simple Mobility Tools will NOT soften or wear out over time like traditional foam rollers or massage balls

  • The increased ROM and blood flow also makes my workouts more effective, as I need less sets and reps to achieve desired results (no more over training muscles that are "turned off")

  • I was able to finally cure my rib flare and have improved my physique as a result

I am sincerely in love with this product, and for me, a former athlete with chronic pain and stiffness at the age of 28, this product has been truly life changing. I HIGHLY suggest it for anybody who is active as an athlete, powerlifter, physique athlete, bodybuilder, yogi, boxers/fighters, and anyone who wants to improve the quality of life via improved posture, pain reduction, and increased mobility.

If you are serious about your training, health, and wellness please do yourself a favor and order the set of Simple Mobility Tools. It will be one of the best purchases you ever make! Get 10% off your purchase with code MOBILE10 at checkout!



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