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Supplement Review: Innovapharm NOVAMINO

Thanks to Innovapharm, I was given the opportunity to try their Amino Acid complex, Novamino, which also contains some other goodies. Now originally I was excited for whatever flavor they decided to send me, because they all sounded so good. However, they were kind enough to send me all 4 of their delicious flavors for review, and boy am I glad they did.


Electrolytes: First off, I was super excited to see that Novamino has a decent dose of sodium and potassium in it. Generally, amino acid products are just that, BCAA’s. This product has 220mg sodium and 170mg of potassium in it which will definitely help you during your workout. Potassium is something that many of us athletes do not consume enough of. Whether we eat a banana a day or an avocado, we still never seem to hit that daily recommended value of our electrolytes. While this does not contain a massive amount in one scoop, every little bit is important and will definitely aid in avoiding cramping during your workouts.

Bravo to Innovapharm for this inclusion!

novamino label

BCAA’s: There really isn’t too much to say about this. You get 6g of BCAA’s in one scoop in a 2:1:1 ratio. The kicker here is that there are all instantized. With instantized BCAA’s you get better solubility in water, generally better taste, and improved bioavailability. This, in the long run, makes for a very high quality amino acid product for consumers.

Betaine/Citrulline Malate: Novamino also contains Betaine Anhydrous and Citrulline Malate to aid in your weight room performance as well. Known as a pump and nitric oxide agent, Citrulline Malate is a nice addition to this product, despite it only being 1g. This can give you a nice added boost to whatever pre-workout you already take. For those of you who use Citrulline Malate, you know the benefits of it both in and out of the training phase but for those who don’t, Citrulline can assist with pumps, ATP phosphocreatine recovery, increases endurance level, and hey, it even helps with blood flow in the bedroom, gentlemen! The Betaine Anhydrous included is also very beneficial to athletes. Many preworkouts are starting to include this in their label for its numerous benefits such as increased power output, increase in anaerobic work capacity, cellular hydration, and prolonged energy without need of stimulants. Betaine is best used daily over time and the benefits are not something you necessarily feel immediately. This is an addition that will slowly creep up on you as the weeks go on and become more apparent with continued use.

The label is that of a Top-Tier amino acid product and is a combination that I have yet to see duplicated. Again, props to Innovapharm for not only disclosing the entire label, including using sucralose and erythritol as their sweeteners. The product also contains no dyes, artificial colors, or sugars.

Mixability: Second to none. Short sweet and to the point. This is hands down the BEST mixing amino acid product I have ever used. You get a few bubbles and first and the foam that comes with shaking a product but that is eliminated almost immediately. I have never viewed particles at the bottom of the shaker cup when I am done using it either, another plus. On top of this, when I finish off the shaker cup, there are no remnants. I don’t have to swish the bottle around, and there was never grittiness to the product. A++ in this department.

Flavors: Now for the moment you have all been waiting for, the flavor review. Let me first start out by saying (so I don’t sound like a broken record) that every single flavor I tried was amazing. I think it unjust to even rate these from my favorite to least favorite because I could drink these all day, every day of the week. However, for the reader’s sake, I will.

Note, for every single taste test, I used 1 scoop (12.1g) in about 24oz of water. From my favorite to my 4th favorite

novamino review

Cotton Candy- I have never tried a cotton candy flavored product that wasn’t an ice cream or actual cotton candy. Man did they nail this flavor. It is not too sweet, but it is definitely not subtle. Imagine yourself taking a big heaping bite of the blue and pink heaven at your local carnival. It tastes just like those little candy bites that you get in cotton candy flavored ice cream as well. The best part about all of this is the aftertaste; there is no bitterness. It goes down easy and is GREAT if you have a sweet tooth. You’d think you were cheating on your diet if you didn’t realize that it was an amino acid product. 11/10 (the 11 is not a typo!)

Sweet Georgia Peach- I was a little bit nervous to try this flavor because the only peach flavored product I had ever had was either a Snapple or Crystal light Packet. If you are a fan of the crystal light Peach-Mango green tea packets, you will fall in love with this. Not only is this sugar and calorie free, but you can mix a scoop in anywhere from 16-32oz of water and be satisfied with the flavor. This flavor was strong enough that you could enjoy the peach taste, but also light and refreshing enough that it wasn’t like you were drinking a sugary juice. For those who are already cutting for the summer, take a couple scoops of this and toss it in a 64 oz pitcher with some ice and lemon wedges and I guarantee you will have people asking “what drink mix is this?!” 10/10

Fuji Apple Pear- This literally tasted like a light apple juice. I wouldn’t say “watered down” apple juice, but it had a lighter flavor, not as sweet or sour as you would get with a 100% apple juice product. I was also pleasantly surprised with the aftertaste of this product. Usually with the “fruit” flavor products you get a sort of bitter aftertaste from whatever flavoring they use in it but this was just as clean and refreshing as the Sweet Georgia Peach. A must try for those of you who love apple juice—I mean come on, who wouldn’t like drinking calorie free apple juice intra-workout? 10/10

Caribbean Colada- The 4th favorite flavor was the Caribbean Colada. The flavor tastes just like pina colada flavored drinks with a little stronger emphasis on the pineapple than the coconut. For me, that is A-okay because I am a big time pineapple lover. One thing that I noted with this is the pineapple flavor isn’t a sour “citric acidy” sour, it tastes like actual pineapple. For me the flavor was a little stronger than the others in about 24oz of water so I would probably water this down to roughly 32oz for my ideal flavor. However, there are very few good citrus/pineapple flavored products on the market right now and from those that I have tried, this reign’s king. 10/10

Price Point- Right now it seems you can get some Novamino from anywhere between $30-$40 however if you use the code MODERN20 on Innovapharm website, you get 20% off of Novamino, bringing it down to about $25. That is a crazy good deal for what you are getting with this product. It’s highly competitive with other amino acids on the market and look at the added bonuses you are getting with Novamino.

This is a no brainer, if you are looking for an amino acid product, look no further than Novamino.

Innovapharm really took the amino acid market to the next level. You’re not just getting BCAA’s you’re getting a complete intra workout product that over time is going to elevate your workouts to the next level. If you are dieting, this is a perfect drink to satisfy cravings while sparing muscle. A must try for anyone who uses intra-workout products and/or amino acid products.



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