Review: PES PB Cookie Select Protein

select peanut butter cookie review

The image on the select tub is of mini peanut butter cookies. Upon first taste you are immediately hit with the peanut butter flavoring. The PB flavoring is not as rich and dense as Metabolic Nutrition PB Cookie , Gaspari PB Cookie, or Syntha 6 PB Cookie. If you take a PB2 or PB Lean powder and enhance that with a bolder peanut butter flavor, that is what you are presented with here from PES. PES’s PB Cookie is a combination of marshmallow and a sense of a sweet sugar cookie in the aftertaste (which compliments the filling of the PB Cookie). I enjoyed this Peanut Butter variation over Peanut Butter Cup. If you like a “Sweeter” Peanut Butter flavor this will be right up your alley.


For those who have had PES Select they know it mixes with ease. Even as a blend, the protein powder has no problems and leaves no clumps. I prefer thicker protein shakes or protein pudding. I found that Peanut Butter Cookie is like FCC, CnC, and PBC as it does not mix as thick as some of the other flavors on the line. White Chocolate Mint, Vanilla, and SD all have a thicker consistency.


1.5g Fat

3g Carb

24g Protein

A very macro friendly protein powder. With the price point it makes it easy to fit into your meal plans on a daily basis compared to other proteins that may exceed 150-180 kcals per serving. The blend of protein included in Select combine to form a thicker protein powder.. I personally enjoy it because I make a lot of protein pudding and enjoy baking. Both of which come out perfectly with 0 issues. I wish more companies would create blends that match their label 100%.


PES is one of the most cost effective options on the market which makes it very good for an everyday use protein. You can find this and other Select flavors at various online retailers or grab a tub at for 30% off with discount code 'driven' at checkout. My Ranking of the 7 current Select Flavors: 1. Vanilla 2. White Chocolate Mint 3. Peanut Butter Cookie 4. SnickerDoodle 5. Frosted Chocolate Cupcake 6. Peanut Butter Cup 7. Cookies & Cream

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