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Supplement Spotlight: SNS Lean Edge

Need an Edge in Your Personal War Against Fat? Give Yourself an Edge – LEAN EDGE

SNS Lean Edge is an incredible potent yet stimulant Free Fat Burner. Users can expect all natural fat and weight loss supported by clinically researched ingredients that are proven to work.

5 Stimulant Free Methods of Action to Support:

  • Fat Burning

  • Appetite Control

  • Metabolism

  • Energy

  • Positive Mood

Let’s Examine LEAN EDGE’s All-Star Cast of Ingredients:

lean edge ingredients

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid):

  • Supports the breakdown of body-fat

  • Helps reduce the number of fat cells in the body

Garcinia Cambogia (Standardized for 60% HCA):

  • Supports Appetite Control & Mood Enhancement

  • Helps limit the production of an enzyme used by the body to convert carbohydrates to body-fat

Green Coffee Bean Extract (Standardized for 50% Chlorogenic Acid):

  • Supports Fat Burning

  • Supports Glucose Metabolism

Raspberry Ketones:

  • Decrease the absorption of fat

  • Supports fat burning in brown adipose tissue

Tri-Carnitine Triple Fat Loss Attack Stack:

  • Supports energy and improved performance

  • Supports utilization of fat for fuel during exercise

  • Supports mental clarity and cognitive function

  • THREE novel and unique forms of Carnitine for maximum results!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is LEAN EDGE totally completely Stimulant Free?

A. Yes, Lean Edge is 100% stimulant free.

Q. Can I use LEAN EDGE with stimulant based Fat Loss Products?

A. As long as there are not overlapping ingredients, Lean Edge can be used alone or with other fat loss products.

Q. Is LEAN EDGE really an unfair advantage in terms of fat loss?

A. Yes, but that isn’t a bad thing. When it comes to your health, your life, and your mental state being affected by a negative self-image from being overweight, the only thing that is unfair is holding yourself back because of worrying about what others are or aren’t doing.

Q. I have heard of LEAN EDGE referred to as a ‘Healthy Fat Loss’ product?

A. Lean Edge is a very unique fat loss product in that EVERY single ingredient in Lean Edge’s unique fat loss formulation has potential health benefits associated with them.

You Work Hard for and at Everything in Your Life, Give Yourself the EDGE You Deserve.

Lean Edge is Available at DPS NUTRITION. Get TWO BOTTLES for only $28.99

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