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InnovaPharm Pump Dirt Review

InnovaPharm Pump Dirt is very different from your typical “kitchen sink” type carb-control supplement. InnovaPharm took a very measured and reasoned approach when formulating their unique carb / pump product. The real key to the formula is Slin10; a 10% Corosolic Acid Banaba Leaf Extract.

pump dirt review

Banaba Leaf Powder (500mg)

InnovaPharm took a very measured and reasoned approach when formulating their unique carb / pump product. The real key to the formula is Slin10; a 10% Corosolic Acid Banaba Leaf Extract.

Banaba, a.k.a. Lagerstroemia, is a plant widely regraded for its anti-diabetic benefits. Banaba leaves are rich in corosolic acid, a compound proven to improve glucose control through mimicking insulin, thus aiding glucose metabolism. This is the first of two forms of banaba leaf extract, but we’ve got plenty more info to come after explaining the next banaba ingredient, Slin10.

Slin10™ (350mg)

InnovaPharm is doubling down on the banaba leaf gains in Pump Dirt as we’ve got a second form of the potent botanical. Slin10™ is a trademarked extract of banaba leaf standardized to 10% corosolic acid. This provides 35mg of Corosolic Acid per serving (plus whatever is coming from the 500mg bulk powder above). This is the highest dose of Corosolic Acid per serving of any product in the world, according to InnovaPharm. As we stated up top, corosolic acid aids glucose transport, but more precisely, it facilitates the movement of glucose from the inner cell to the outer cell, mimicking GLUT4. Clinical trials employing extracts rich in corosolic acid have indeed shown this, as extracts have been shown to not only improve glucose transportation in the body, but also positively affect insulin sensitivity.

Why two forms of Banaba?

Banaba Leaf (Lagerstroemia speciosa) is a very unique herb. Although it has been rigorously researched and studied in both animals and humans, there is a ton of new information we are still learning about its constituents and their effects on reducing blood sugar, preventing fat gain and building lean muscle.

Corosolic Acid, a Triterpenoid found in Banaba, is shown to reduce blood sugar mainly by facilitating the transport of glucose into muscle tissue via GLUT4. In doing so, users of a potent Corosolic Acid dosed product (SLIN10™) will notice huge increases in muscle glycogen leading to a fuller and denser muscle.

CA treatment was also shown in a 2008 animal study to significantly reduce total fat mass in users by increasing the expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha (PPAR-α) in the liver and PPAR-γ in white adipose tissues.

For the reasons above, InnovaPharm spent many months working hand in hand with Ayurveda Naturals’ top botanists and scientists to source an ultra pure Banaba Leaf Extract standardized for 10% Corosolic Acid, which they have Trademarked as SLIN10™.

So more Corosolic Acid = better glucose transport?

Based on what we’ve seen so far, it would appear that the more corosolic acid you would put in a supplement, the better glucose tolerance and insulin response.

But…not so fast, according to InnovaPharm,

”In fact, Ayurveda Naturals allowed us to test their 20% Corosolic Acid based Banaba Leaf Extract, but in our anecdotal testing we found the 10% CA to actually work better. We wondered why, because like many we figured the more CA the better, right?

We found that CA, as scientifically proven as it gets, works even better when used in synergy with the other constituents of Banaba Leaf. Banaba Leaf also contains bioflavonoids, anthocyanins, ellagitannins and gallotannins all which provide wonderful health benefits such as antioxidant effects, reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure and of course improvement in blood sugar.

In fact, certain tannins naturally found in Banaba Leaf have been proven to strongly exhibit anti-adipogenic properties by reducing adipocyte differentiation. For this reason we added pure Banaba Leaf to our already potent SLIN10 Corosolic Acid powerhouse.

This is where all anti-diabetic drugs fail, such as Metformin. As great as they are for reducing blood sugar, they do not specify where blood sugar will be stored. In turn, often making users gain more fat mass.

Pump Dirt was formulated to ensure your carbohydrates were being directed toward muscle tissue specifically. Allowing you to reap the ergogenic and anabolic benefits of eating carbohydrates, without the drawbacks of unwanted fat gain.”

Gymnema Sylvestre Extract (150mg)

Gymnema Sylvestre is another plant with potent anti-diabetic benefits as it enhances the function of insulin from the pancreas to lower blood sugar. Additionally, a recent systematic review of the diabetes-fighting plant documented that Gymnema Sylvestre has been documented to reduce plasma glucose, blood glucose, leptin levels, body weight, and even BMI!

Pump Dirt’s extract is standardized to 25% gymnemic acids which provides a little less than you’ll find in other GDAs but that’s done for a specific purpose.

According to InnovaPharm:

”So many products contain a higher Gymnemic Acid dose which actually can completely block the uptake of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. This is great if you are trying to lose weight and looking to prevent negative effects of carbs. However, because the carbs won’t even be absorbed in the intestines, you are actually preventing the positive effects of carbohydrates as well. Too much gymnemic acid will hinder pump, muscle fullness and glycogen storage in muscle.”

Therefore, some gymnemic acid is good for glucose shuttling and pumps, but too much, and you’ll be looking flatter than a protein pancake


Not your Typical GDA!

You’ve no doubt tried a couple of the other well-known GDA and nutrient partitioning supplements on the internet, and you’re probably wondering how Pump Dirt measures up.

Well, rather than lop a whole lot of insulin mimicking ingredients together without regard for their interactions with each other, InnovaPharm put a little more thought into the product.

When asked to further explain the reasoning for the formulation, they explained:

“There are a ton of natural “insulin mimickers” and “GDA” ingredients that lower blood sugar. BUT that does not mean they are preventing fat gain. This is why instead of throwing 10 GDA ingredients into Pump Dirt, we wanted to find the few perfect ingredients which each serve a specific purpose in building lean muscle tissue, improving athletic performance and reduce fat mass… With Pump Dirt you won’t just get sick dirty pumps, but you will get lean and shredded as hell if you take it properly.”


InnovaPharm’s instructions for maximizing “Dirty Filthy Pumps”:

”Consume one scoop of Pump Dirt by ‘parachuting’ into mouth or by mixing in your favorite beverage at least 15 to 30 minutes before your pre-training meal consisting of at least 60 to 100g carbohydrates. Due to extreme potency, some users may consume well over 100g carbohydrates after consuming Pump Dirt. Do not consume more than two servings of Pump Dirt in any 24 hour period.”


Several Modern Athletic Health testers, including Modern CEO gave this product a shot. The feedback across the board from SIX testers was a unanimous 'wow'. GDA's are becoming quite popular for the general health and wellness consumer--a category that was once only reserved and recognized by the most hardcore phsyique and performance athletes. However, within the last year or two as the general population has become increasingly concerned with blood sugar control, and diabetes / diabetes related illnesses, GDA products are growing in popularity. The main issue when it comes to these types of products,though, is the quality and standardization of the ingredients used. InnovaPharm has hit a home run in this regard. Nothing flashy or gimmicky, just a solid and straight forward formula that performs as it is intended to.

The pumps from this product when utilized with appropriate amount of carbs are probably the best we have seen reported. Bearing this in mind, if you do not consume adequate carbs with this product, you will most likely leave yourself looking flat and feeling lethargic. The exception to this statement is for those of you who may be keto adapted athletes. Our CEO follows a keto lifestyle and noted some incredible pumps when using Pump Dirt prior to his fast breaking meal which only consisted of 20g of carbs from avocado and some leafy greens. This is not advisable for the general consumer, as this product is intended for use with at minimum 60g of carbs and other testers reported one serving of Pump Dirt to be able to handle upwards of 100g of carbs.

Another interesting tactic utilized by Modern Athletic Health CEO was a pre-bed dose. The results were exceptional overnight leaning and drying out in regards to waterweight, as well as deeper sleep and waking more refreshed on less sleep time--results typically associated with strong GDA use prior to bed.

Athletes who consumed Pump Dirt prior to a fed state workout (their pre workout meal) noted massive increases in endurance, longer lasting pumps and muscle fullness/density, as well as the ability to achieve pumps faster than they typically would, with one user reporting almost painful quad pumps during a recumbent bike warm up prior to his leg workout.

As a group we are incredibly impressed with Pump Dirt in regards to efficacy and ingredient quality. InnovaPharm has several other products we will most likely be getting our hands on for review soon, so be sure to subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media so you don't miss the next one!

pump dirt review



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