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Scivation Quake 10.0 Review

quake 10.0 review


Lemon Drop – I have my doubts with lemon because I am not a lemon fan. I have only had a select few on the market that I have truly enjoyed. For me it is hit or miss. Scivation came through and made a great tasting lemon flavor. While this is not a very strong lemon, its subtle and provides a very refreshing aftertaste. For me this is a win. If a lemon is too strong or tart it turns me off. Therefore I found this bearable, and actually enjoyed sipping on it. To have me enjoy a lemon flavored drink shows that the company did a damn good job on flavoring.

Watermelon Bubblegum – Remember Double Bubble Gum? Take that flavor and mesh it together with the Xtend Watermelon flavor. That is exactly what I found the Watermelon Bubblegum to taste like. Not only do you get the sweet refreshing flavor of the Xtend Watermelon, you get the aftertaste of bubblegum. I personally enjoyed this one being a watermelon fan.


The powder dissolves instantly when touching the water. I have never had a problem with any Scivation product and mixability. There is a small build up from the Peak02 if you let it sit, but a simple shake gets rid of it in a second.


A very strong open label product that focuses on performance and endurance. This is not a product that is meant to stimulate you out of your mind. The product also stacks perfect with 1 scoop of Xtend Perform for 14g of BCAA’s and 4g of Peak02 which are optimal doses. Citrulline and LCLT are there for pump and performance. A very strong pump with the arginine nitrate addition as well.


You get what you pay for. Quake is a fully loaded and very well dosed product. With such high doses this will be a product that will push you in your workouts, make you sweat, and deliver an incredible pump. It may pried slightly higher than other pre's on the market, but again, you are paying for a very well put together product.

Workout Reaction

Some of the major things I want to note is that I train in a fasted state the majority of the time, but also in a fed state sometimes. The biggest difference was Pump. The energy was also much stronger when dosed away from a pre-workout meal. When I took this upon waking up, the energy was instant and streamed for a good 90-120 minutes. I do not need a lot of stims, but this was potent and I started with 1 scoop.

Pump -Arginine Nitrate, Citrulline, and Capros. Even in a fasted state my muscles were still hard, but much more noticed when I had some food and trained fed.

DOMS Reduction- l-carnitine, BCAAs, and Capros are all major aspects in attribute when put together in quake which I have noticed since using he product.

Stimulant - While you get a nice burst of energy the theanine does a great job on providing a nice streaming and steady source of energy. No crash.

Performance- LCLT has been found to help improve recovery, Citrulline was found to help with DOMS and prevent lactic acid build up.

There is also research on 4g of Peak02 and its effects on performance, endurance, and recovery. You get all of these things and this stacks perfectly with Xtend Perform to get that dose of 4g.

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