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Online Trainer Spotlight: Beth Chumbley

beth chumbley trainer modern athletic health

Certifications: National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM), National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF), International Sports Science Association (ISSA) for Nutrition and Class 1 Coach for Olympic Weightlifting

What are your strengths/assets as a trainer?

I'm not helping people with just fitness but I also help them with the mental aspect of training and performing their best in everyday life. I help show people a healthier way to a higher quality of life through accomplishing difficult tasks and overcoming challenges. I love mentoring individuals who need that extra push to show them they can always go farther in their fitness accomplishments. Most of all, being a Marine and all the things I've gone through in my life has taught me to always keep getting up and trying no matter what. I want people to see themselves the way they want to be looked at and learn not to hold back due to fear or intimidation.

What is your biggest personal achievement?

I want to share something that was bad but turned into something better. I've been through so much in life from having PTSD and still feel like I'm always going to be going through something that tries to hold me back or stop from achieving what I want out of life. So by not letting life tear me down to the point I give up, I chose to push back and tell myself I can. It took years to develop that trait but I'm a strong person who never stops working towards my goals and strives for a positive quality of life.

What is your biggest professional (training) achievement?

I trained my first body builder July 2016. I didn't have the most experience like most other coaches might have, but from myself competing and the knowledge I gained from books and picking others' brains for info, my athlete took home 3 trophies (2 1st place and a 4th place). I was extremely proud of her, but I was also so proud of myself.

How long have you been a trainer/been training yourself?

I've been training myself for 20 years now from the military and just being a trainer myself, but I've now been training others for 15 years. As far as advanced training and dieting goes, I've been doing that since 2012.

Why did you become a trainer?

After leaving the Marines and I had to pick a new career path. I've always wanted to become a personal trainer, so I chose to become a trainer when I got out of the military because I love helping others and seeing them succeed is such a huge reward for me.

What is your training/coaching philosophy?

I push my clients hard, I'm tough but I care too. I only speak the truth and do not sugar coat things or tell my clients what they want to hear; I tell them what they need to hear! I feel if changing your self through fitness is what they want, then that is what I give. I believe if you give it your all and you don't complain or quit, you are a better person by just doing something for your greater health. But if you show up late, complain, or don't plan to give it your full effort, don't waste yours and my time! I want to work with individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes.

What was your most challenging client/how did you handle it and achieve your goals?

I have a few. If they are struggling with diet, I'll go to their house and show them how to prepare their meal with the seasoning they have or take them shopping and teach them what to look for. I have some who can't get motivated to workout on their own, so I get creative in their workouts by including their kids, going to the park, or doing a group team training day so they can feel a part of something special and get motivated by the people going through the same thing. There are times when people keep canceling, so I have them write a 500 word paper as to why they have to be on time and why they are there to train with me. It helps gives them insight and puts them back on track again.

beth chumbley trainer modern athletic health

What are your areas of a specialty/what are you most passionate about when it comes to training?

Coaching Women's Bodybuilding and Olympic Weightlifting, Weight loss/gain, sports nutrition and sports performance. I find it so inspiring to watch people take so much pride in themselves to make a difference and put forth the effort to make their fitness goals come true. I've done everything from weight loss/gain, major surgeries/implants, young adults to older clients and people wanting to enter an event,competition, or sports team. I'm proud of all of them because I know how hard it is to get to maximize performance. So for me to help those people get there, gives me so much inspiration to just have that person look and feel better about themselves and the way their life has changed.

What can clients expect when working with you/what is your training style?

I'm huge on form. I'm always correcting them or reminding them to fix their posture. I'm always listening to anything they are saying but also making sure they are moving at the same time and not just talking to get out of the workout. I will also stretch them while also discussing any struggles they may have outside of the gym because if they are struggling outside the gym, their effort can be effected when they come to train. So I give them guidance on how to live a healthier and less stressful lifestyle as well!

Beth Chumbley is the owner of Fit or Phat Fitness

Phone: 719-494-7374



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