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Company Spotlight: SHO Nutrition

SHO Nutrition is a new health supplement company that was founded by a former corporate executive in the health and nutrition industry. Her vision and purpose was very clear from the start of her journey on forming SHO; help people (the consumer) to form healthy, life-long habits for improved overall health and wellness.

SHO Nutrition enters the market with two supplements and an incredibly unique delivery method!

Easy to Swallow Spheri-Gels

No more hard-to-swallow pills. Petite, pearl-like gelcaps ( Spheri-Gels™) are easy to swallow for adults of all ages.

One Click Dispenser

With a click, a pill drops right into your hand - easy to use, easy to take. No more dealing with bottle caps, or pill cases.

Daily Tracking Dial

SHO is easy to remember, when you simply turn the daily dial from today to tomorrow. A daily routine, a healthy habit.

The first product in the SHO lineup is ENERGY+: B vitamins & Matcha

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Boost energy, metabolism and cognitive performance from the cellular level. Versatile and suitable for all lifestyles including a vegan diet, sho ENERGY+ fuels food metabolism and nervous system health with potent B vitamins like Folic Acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. The addition of Green Tea Extract (Matcha) with natural caffeine keeps your mind focused without jitters or over stimulation.

  • B vitamins play an important role in food metabolism and nerve functions. Stress, anxiety, imbalanced diet, aging… could all lead to B vitamin deficiency with symptoms such as low energy, poor memory, moodiness, fatigue, and other issues.

  • B12 is extremely important for nerve and red blood cell formation, and it is only available from animal foods. Taking vitamin B12 with Folic Acid for an extended period of time has been shown to improve cognitive functions like memory performance.

  • B6 is needed for neurotransmitters in the brain. A daily dose of 20mg for cognitive performance is recommended by Mayo Clinic.

  • Matcha (a delicate type of Green Tea Extract) contains potent antioxidants of catechin polyphenols, one of which is Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), effective in calorie-burning metabolism and reducing free radical formation.

  • Matcha with natural caffeine releases balanced, sustained energy with calm and focus, and without jitters.

  • Easily customizable to fit your lifestyle and performance needs, you can simply titrate up or down the number of Spheri-Gels that you’d like to take everyday.

  • Vegetarian. Free of gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, sweeteners. Lecithin contains a small trace of soy protein.

  • Highest quality ingredients sourced from the most reputable global companies:

  • B vitamins from the global-leading life and material science company, DSM.

  • Green tea extract from Japanese matcha specialist, Maruzen.​

The 2nd product from SHO is BALANCE: Probiotic Blend for Colon Health

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From Japan, clinically researched, fermented rice derived probiotic strain, Lactobacillus Casei K-1, helps restore friendly gut bacteria so that you can stay positive and regular. The addition of prebiotic, spirulina, flaxseed and olive oil further enhances intestinal flora balance and immune health.

  • Why does the small sho BALANCE Spheri-Gel pack so much Lactobacillus Casei K-1 (100mg / 100 billion CFU per dose)? Because L. Casei K-1 has been thoroughly researched by the well known Japanese health food manufacturer, Kameda Seika, and Professor Sanae Okada of Tokyo University of Agriculture, who is the research guru of plant-based probiotics.

  • Consuming Lactobacillus Casei K-1 at 100mg per day for 2 weeks has been clinically proven to improve bowel movement in stool frequency, amount, and shape, for those who are constipated.

  • Improvement of anti-mutagenic effect (elimination of cancer-causing substance from eating unhealthy foods such as burnt meat) is also observed when Lactobacillus Casei K-1 is consistently consumed for 200mg daily.

  • Prebiotic Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) acts as “food” for probiotics in the intestine, further assisting with intestinal microflora balance.

  • Spirulina not only contributes to the natural dark green color of sho BALANCE Spheri-Gels, but more importantly, helps boost your gut and immunity power with its potent antioxidant effects.

  • Plant-based flaxseed and olive oil rich in omega-3 fatty acid help keep digestive tract smooth, and immunity strong.

  • Vegetarian. Free of gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, sweeteners. Lecithin contains a small trace of soy protein.

  • Highest quality ingredients sourced from the most reputable global companies:

  • Lactobacillus Casei K-1: from Kameda Seika (amount of lactic acid bacteria: 1 trillion / g or more).

  • Spirulina: from DIC Lifetec

  • Flaxseed and Olive Oil: from Summit Oil Mill


When it comes to our pursuit of health and happiness, can we have it all: quality, convenience, elegance… The answer is: Yes. I was determined to bring the eastern and western nutritional wisdom, to your fingertips.

As a former corporate executive with almost 20 years of experience in the health and nutrition industry, I decided to turn into an entrepreneur to find a perfect health solution to create healthy habits. I am a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, an MBA, and having lived in China, Japan, and the US, fluent in all three languages.

With my Eastern and Western nutrition philosophy, I believe in the functional health benefits of taking supplements, to complement a healthy diet.

However, the dietary supplement industry has NOT made products nice and easy for the consumers. People are confused about what to take, concerned about the quality, deterred by the size of the pills, and don’t remember to take them.

That’s why I wanted to “sho” the world a better way to manage your health, and lifestyle.

sho, simple health organizer, was created when dots were connected between my two ideas:

1: a one-click pill dispenser with daily tracking, to make taking supplements easy and unforgettable.

2: a small, round pill idea, to make supplements easy to swallow, and easy to dispense.

When a smart design is matched with premium quality nutrition, a simple click becomes part of your daily health routine. This makes life simple, healthy, organized. Feel better and do more – isn't that what we all want?!

I invite you to join me to "sho” the world a better way, because we can have it all - we deserve it.

Start "sho-ing" off your healthy habit, one click at a time, every day.

Joy Wang, Founder & CEO of sho Nutrition



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