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Review: Olympus Labs BloodShred

bloodshred raw discount

BloodShred is the newest thermogenic fat burner in the Olympus Labs (OL) lineup. OL released Ign1te last year; click to read our Ign1te review. We had a Modern Athletic Health tester use BloodShred for 8 weeks with some pretty incredible results, not only in terms of fat loss, but also with overall energy and profound mood enhancement benefits.


bloodshred raw discount

Bloodshred Raw is unique because it contains everything that the War Edition contains plus a nice dose of Rauwolfia Serpentina. It is an herbal extract from ancient Indian medicine that was rediscovered in the 16th century by a botanist from Germany. It contains natural alkaloids that boost your mood and reduce anxiety. Basically it helps you get clean, anxiety-free energy which is great especially if fat burners make you anxious.

BloodShred is a revolutionary new thermogenic fat burner from Olympus labs with a new powder delivery system. It gives you the same fat burning properties that a capsule provides but with a great refreshing taste and a more flexible dosage. Many People don’t like the limitations of a fixed dosage from a capsule, sometimes 1 is too little while 2 is too much. With BloodShred powder you can adjust the dose until it is just right.

Inside BloodShred’s potent formula there is an intense mixture of fat burners, Stimulants that will get you shredded while providing you with explosive energy and razor-sharp focus.

Let’s start with the thermogenic compounds. Eria Jarensis and Julgans Regia Extract are the powerhouses of the thermogenic affects that BloodShred provides. It provides a strong hit of explosive energy while also inducing a nice euphoric feeling that will help you power through workouts and keep you feeling great. This stimulant also gets you focused on any given task whether it be getting the perfect form and muscle contractions in the gym or getting a bunch of tedious paperwork done on time. Eria Jerensis also elevates your BMR or basil metabolic rate which causes your body to start burning more calories and shred off excess fat. Julgans Regia Extract is another potent stimulant that is extracted from a Chinese plant that has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years. It contains a variety of natural alkaloids which effect the neurotransmitters in the brain directly boosting energy, focus, and elevating your mood. J. Regia also works as a great appetite suppressant which will make it easier to avoid giving in to cravings when you are dieting.

BloodShred also contains a blend of ingredients that further boost the fat burning properties. These consist of caffeine, green coffee bean, rhodia rosea, Rutin, and Vanillin. These maximize the effects of lipolysis and further activat the energy and mental focus making BloodShred the ultimate weight loss supplement.


Flavors: Being that BloodShred is a powdered thermogenic, OL went with a wide range of flavors to suit every taste.

BloodShred is available in:

  • Orange Starkrush (similar to orange flavored starburst)

  • Hawaiin Coolada (similar to a tropical punch)

  • Purple Bubblegum (similar to grape bubble gum)

We tested all three and our favorites rank in the order listed above. All flavors are mild, refreshing, and light. They're not overly sweet or chemically in any way. Given the ingredients in the product, OL did a GREAT job with the flavoring to mask the bitterness and potency of the herbs used to make up this formula.


Upon shaking, the product will foam for 15-20 seconds. There is no clumping. I would take this with me in mornings pre mixed and it could sit all day in a shaker bottle without clumping again. Also, there was no dye staining and no ingredients sticking to shaker bottle walls.


The maximum amount you'll want to use is 3 scoops in a 24 hour period. I used this product with a morning dose of 2 scoops upon waking, and 1 scoops 5-7 hours later, typically pre workout.

The energy from two scoops is very strong and clean. I am a veteran stimulant user and this product made me feel like a rookie! Even one scoop is strong enough to power a high volume workout.

The fat loss benefits were apparent almost immediately. Within two weeks, I noticed significant leaning out in my entire mid section and chest. I also seemed to lose some fat in my thighs which are already pretty lean. There was an initial diuretic effect (increased sweating and body temp) but that did subside a bit as I moved into my second tub of the product.

The mood enhancement effects from BloodShred were one of my favorite aspects of the product and are a great addition for anyone who knows about diet related mood issues. The Rhodiola Rosea Extract used is a powerful adaptogen that helps users better handle increased physical and mental stress and is one of the main reasons I was sad to have to take a break after my 8 week run of the product.

BloodShred is also available without the Alpha-Y which is known to cause jitters for some users. This was a very smart move on OL's part to offer a version with both options.

Modern Athletic Health Readers can get BloodShred from the manufacturers website for 30% off with promo code OLY30.



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