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Why Eliminating Sugar Helps You Lose Weight

sugar weight loss

I want to first and foremost say that sugar is not the problem with modern day society and the epidemic of obesity in our country (USA). Artificial sweeteners are not killing us and high fructose corn syrup is not the problem, our lack of knowledge and nonsensical conception is the problem. If you think this article to bash sugar, food companies, and more, you are farther from the truth. Now, I am not going to write this article in favor of high sugar consumption either, what I am going to do is what I do day in and day out, that is to open your eyes and generally educate you as to why certain things occur or happen against what you see in headlines, media, and social media. First, let us look and understand as to what sugar is. it is a carbohydrate, plain and simple as that. When consumed by the body it recognizes it for what the body uses it for, energy. Your body does not see it as a evil creature or foreign entity where it takes the sugar and stores it as fat in your stomach, legs, butt, and more. Again your body recognizes food we eat and drink as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen = energy.

Please take that and accept that, your body does not receive a food source and store it differently than another, the body recognizes food for what it is, not what some dingle berry guru says it is. Now this is not to say that sugar does not react differently in each of us, not at all, a lot of us will have some different formal reaction when sugar is digested in our body. Whether a significantly high insulin spike, bloating, cramping, gas, and more, we have to understand the difference between sugar being bad for us vs. just a bad reaction. If I obtained all the same negative symptoms above from eating a carrot, does this make the carrot bad, most will argue not. What does make the carrot different is how my body processes, digests, and breaks it down, this is where I feel many people get confused. Hopefully this opens up your mind a bit as to what I am getting at and how I am approaching this whole topic.

I can imagine what many of you are thinking and going to say, "well if sugar is not that bad how come it has been shown to be toxic in the body?", I like science and research and honestly am not going to get fancy and start quoting research articles and more. If you want to read them that bad you can reach out to me and I will send them to you lol. With that science and research shows and proves one thing about sugar and toxicity, that large amounts over long periods of time are what make it toxic. As well with that in alignment with what research shows typical nutrition application is a determining factor. Meaning, if you look at someones typical American diet, it does contain a lot of processed foods which do contain sugars, as well are really low in daily fiber intake. Why does this matter? Fiber is the key component missing, fiber is a key component in removing waste from the body, regulating blood sugar, and more. So how do you off set high sugar intake, you take in a high fiber diet! Does fiber completely negate the effects of an extreme intake of sugar, no, but it helps regulate and minimize negative effect of high sugar intake.

So what am I saying? Should you control your sugar intake, sure, is there a minimum or maximum, it depends. What I am saying is it is ok to consume sugar as long as your general nutrition and health practices are in line, so eating high fiber vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. and are drinking adequate amounts of water, and exercising. Now I know what is coming next, "well if sugar is not a problem why then when I remove it from my diet do I lose a lot more weight and feel better", great question and be prepared to have your friggen mind blown! First, sugar is almost in "everything" we consume, I say almost as I know sugar alcohols and sweeteners can be substitutes in place of sugar. BUT if you eat carrots everyday, guess what.................wait for it.................THERE IS SUGAR IN YOUR CARROTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know your head has splattered plasma all over your screen and you are saying "GTFOH, there is sugars in my carrots, but how I don't eat sugar", I am here to tell you, yes you do. Those blueberries you put in your oatmeal...BOOM SUGAR, the broccoli you have....POW SUGAR, and even those high water content cucumbers WHAPA SUGAR. How do you like them apples/ BTW sugar in those apples as well lol, either by now you are really shocked and hearing what I am saying or feel I am a dick. I am not trying to be a dick, I am simply just trying to show you that sugar is everywhere. Now, all this said, how come I am not getting any negative effects of the sugar in my fruits and vegetables? As I stated earlier "fiber' though sugar is in these foods they are high in fiber, which again support blood sugar regulation and more, see the give take relationship?

Now to the key point which is the main subject of this article, "why when I cut out sugar I feel better and lose weight?". Well this is why, if you are someone who is looking to cut sugar out with focus on weight loss you are likely someone who does not have the best nutrition practices. Meaning you either eat or partially eat a typical American lifestyle. So processed foods, so things like cakes, cookies, sodas, breads, chips, energy drinks, and I can go on and on. These foods in the typical American diet are high in calories and yes even sugar but it is not the sugar that is the issue. The high caloric intake along with lack of activity or exercise are what cause the health issues and weight gain, not a particular nutrient/food source.

With all that said and where I was going, when all these foods are removed and a general nutrition plan is instilled which will include a lot of fruits and vegetables (high in fiber), lean meats, etc. as well some form of exercise whether weights, walking, running, or whatever else you are doing one main thing, no not removing sugar but changing energy balance. Meaning you are likely eating less (creating a deficit) and are more active (exercise) and we should know when we eat less and become more active we create some form of weight loss simple as that. You didn't do anything secret or amazing (aside from taking charge of your health) you simply created a different energy balance in your body. The last thing you are probably saying is "but why do I feel better?", it is not because you removed sugar but you are now feeding your body better food and more nutrients as well exercising which is a natural stimulation based thing which increases the feeling of energy. Finally, you feel better because you are feeling accomplished, you are taking pride in the steps you are taking to change your life and health, so naturally you become motivated and driven which leaves you with a natural euphoric feeling, euphoria brings natural feelings of being better.

Again I hope you took away a lot from reading this and here are the key takeaways.

1.) Sugar is not the enemy, lack of education, proper nutrition, and training are.

2.) There is sugar in damn near everything we consume.

3.) Anything in massive amount is bad sugar, cocaine, and even sex.

4.) When changing from a typical USA base diet to some formal nutrition setup energy balance differs which leads to weight loss, not the magical florets of broccoli.

5.) Happiness is a natural thing to feel which increases energy levels.

RJ Perkins

Owner and Head Coach

Twitter: @atn_coaching

Instagram: @atn_coaching



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