Product Review: Badass Beard Care

I received the sample of Badass Beard Care beard wash, oil, and balm last week and without a doubt, Badass Beard Care lives up to their name. I received trio of products in “The Viking” scent. In general, I am not a huge fan of citrus scented beard products, but blend of fir and clove give it a great, mild scent. The clove makes it a little more holiday appropriate.

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First night, I gave the mane a thorough scrub with the Hog Wash. A little bit of beard and body wash go a long way. I got a great lather, clean smelling and feeling hair. Definitely a thumbs up here. The old lady even noticed I looked and smelled way less homeless. The Beard Balm is a little different feel than most. It felt like a blend of oil and balm. It has a very silky and smooth texture. It went on smooth and left a good shine. The Beard Oil is just as good of quality as any high end beard oil I have used and with the wide variety of scents, you should have no problem finding one or more to fit different needs

They even have accessories like apparel, combs and brushes, scissors, and a multi-vitamin geared toward keeping your face mane growing strong and looking and feeling soft enough not to scare away the ladies.

badass beard care modern athletic health

Badass Beard Care puts out a great line of products. They have a bunch of easy ways to get ahold of a sample of all of their products on the cheap too. Can’t beat that. Badass Beard Care is Modern Athletic Health and Johnny Muscle Approved, and definitely something you need to put on your Christmas list.

-Buck Nasty Johnny Muscle

Meet the Founder of Badass Beard Care

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