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Supplement Review: PES Prolific

pes prolific review

Raspberry Lemonade PES Profilic

Just like Raspberry Lemonade in some of the other products on the PES line this is a top tier flavor. The raspberry flavor is the initial flavoring with the lemonade as the pure aftertaste. If you were ever a user of Alphamine you know just how strong and good this flavor truly is. What I truly enjoy is how refreshing the raspberry and lemonade go hand in hand. Neither flavor really overpowers each other making it refreshing to sip on as a pre-workout. I am not a huge lemonade guy, but the raspberry being the dominant flavor makes delicious. PES is known for great flavoring on all of their products, so it is hard to find a bad flavor unless you truly just do not like that flavor in general. I look forward to trying the others of Prolific in the future and how they compare!

Mixability Like all PES Supplementes this one mixes with ease. The powder is very light, and mixes as soon as it starts to hit the water. I mixed one sample pack in about 8-10oz of water and a few shakes and it was mixed. No complains just like anything else on the product line. Formula For 2 Scoops you get:

Citrulline Malate (6g) Which is a perfect, clinically studied dose Betaine (2.5g) which is a clinicaly studied

Taurine is very effective at 1.5g Cognizin (a Nootropic) to aid with focus (250mg) L-Theanine helps increase concentration and alertness Coffee Fruit Extract (Neurofactor) has been seen to provide nootropic benefits. Rhodiola Rosea Extract helps Reduced fatigue, stress, and anxiety while improving endurance. Caffeine for most at 160mg at 1 scoop is a little low, for someone like myself it actually is very nice, 2 scoops is good for the heavy stimulant users at 320mg. What we also have to realize is a few things here which is stacking the PES Line: Prolific and PES Ergonine: If you stack with Ergonine you are already getting Betaine and added Synerglut, LCLT, HICA, and Creatine In a full dose.So if you did not take a full 2 scoops of Prolific you could do Ergonine and Prolific to easily get plenty of Betaine, and cover all your other bases for performance, endurance, and recovery. For those stacking PES High Volume and Prolific High Volume has 4g of Citrulline per 2 scoops, so even at 1 scoop of Prolific for a stim you are surpassing a dose of 6-8g of Citiulline which is a studied dose. There is also a dose of Taurine in High Volume (undisclosed due to blend). Most people will dose the HV and Prolific combo where they would have a very high amount of Citrulline (up to 10g if you do 2 scoops of each), but for most if you are not a heavy stim user you could do 2 scoops HV and 1 Prolific to still get an adequate amount of citrulline but Betaine may be a touch low and same with the nootropics. Overall PES made this a flexible pre-workout, and it does stack very well with the line, you just have to make sure you know what you need to get correct doses and adjust the scoops of each PES product accordingly.

Prolific will be available to the general public some time before the end of 2016. As always, Modern Athletic Health readers can enjoy a 15% discount at with discount code MODERN at checkout! Workout Reaction After seeing the formula I had an idea of how this would play out on my workouts. I train fasted 90% of the time, so stimulants hit me VERY hard. Especially because I stay off of them as long as possible and use them if I need to, or just feel very sluggish. Coming off contest prep where energy is still low in my reverse diet this gave me a very long and streaming energy. For someone who does not need a lot of caffeine to get going this seemed to be a good blend to provide what I needed and even last into the post-workout period even after a 90 minute workout. The biggest aspect I got was the nootropics and focus. My focus was strong for 90+ minutes and carried past the post-workout window period. My endurance and stamina were also very good. Since PES has a lot of endurance, focus, and energy based ingredients in this pre-workout there is a reason why it does shine. Lets not forget you can even stack Ergonine to take performance and endurance up a huge notch. The one thing I did not get much of was a pump, it may be me, or how I respond to just Citrulline in the profile, but this was nothing to note on a back/arm workouts where I mixed hypertrophy and strength based rep ranges and sets. I also threw in a few intensity techniques to test the waters with pump and getting as much blood into the bodyparts as possible. I like to throw in Rest Pause, Drop sets, and accumulation sets on my back to help bring up a lagging bodypart. My inclination is that this was meant to stack well with High Volume in which the pump would be taken to another level, if not unbearable depending on how many scoops you would be using. 1 scoop prolific and 1 scoop high volume would cover your Citrulline needs. But if you are a real pump junkie taking 2 scoops of HV would give you a 10+g dose of Citrulline, not to mention lots of arginine nitrates, Agmatine, and glycerol to leave your body swole for the session and a great stim/buzz focused energy kick to give you the perfect one two combo.



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