Supplement Spotlight: Iron Legion Virtus


iron legion virtus

The active ingredient in Iron Legion Virtus is said to be up to 12 times more potent than alpha-naphthoflavone (7,8-benzoflavone) The active ingredient in Sustain Alpha and other non-steroidal AI products. 127 times as potent as aminoglutheamide the active ingredient in the Prescription AI Cytadren. And up to 10 times as potent as formestane, one of the most popular aromatase inhibitors in the industry prior to being banned.

A link to bloodwork displaying the efficacy of the product can be found at

A Modern Athletic Health Tester also used Virtus for 30 days with pre and post use blood work. The tester showed a 24 point drop in estrogen levels from 64 to 40! Some of the most pronounced effects were the reduction of body fat and water weight, a more alpha-male mentality, and modest increases in strength in the gym. Virtus makes for a very powerful standalone product for estrogen reduction/cutting cycles and also as an ON-cycle AI for compounds known to aromatize. We have personally yet to test a product that showed this strong a reduction in estrogen levels. Most importantly, there were no negative side effects or rebound effects once our tester discontinued use! Virtus is a non-steroidal AI making it extremely versatile for use:

  • On cycle to control estrogen related side effects of "wet" steroids

  • During PCT to mitigate estrogen rebound and enhance HPTA recovery

  • Off cycle to boost natural testosterone production

Salvo transdermal carrier optimizes bioavailability as transdermal delivery allows for direct application to gynecomastia effected areas and creates a time release effect.

Virtus is one of the strongest AI compounds the market has ever seen immersed in Salvo the industries most cutting edge transdermal carrier. This should make a great addition to anyone's arsenal whether you are all natural, synthetically enhanced, or anywhere in between.

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