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Product Review: Jack Rabbit Energy Shots

jack rabbit energy coffee

Three of our product testers at Modern Athletic Health were given the opportunity to try Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co.'s Jack Rabbit Energy Shots. Jack Rabbit Energy is the ONLY coffee energy shot made from Organic Rabbit Cold Brew and all natural ingredients. Jack Rabbit packs a powerful punch with 140mg of caffeine in every 2oz shot.

Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co. is a craft coffee roasting company based in Palm Beach, Florida who are dedicated to seasonally hand selecting some of the world’s finest micro lot coffees. Their Cold Brew Coffee is made from organic single origin beans. Once roasted, the beans are added to cold water, where they steep in a refrigerated room for over 18 hours. This process makes Rabbit Cold Brew smooth and intensely rich, with a hint of natural sweetness and low acidity.

Made with only 6 all natural ingredients, Rabbit Energy Shots are a unique twist on energy convenience!

  • Organic Rabbit Cold Brew Coffee

  • Sugar

  • Coffee Extract

  • Natural Caramel Flavor

  • Citric Acid

  • Caffeine

Here is what our testers had to say about Rabbit Energy:

"Jack rabbit cold brew energy shots are a unique twist on energy convenience. They're made up of only 6 simple ingredients: Cold brew coffee, sugar, coffee extract, natural caramel flavor, citric acid, and caffeine (140 mg in total). The taste would be very enjoyable to any coffee lover for a quick shot but can also be added to a post workout protein shake, oatmeal, or even some milk to make the taste more mild and add a pick me up to your meal. They are very versatile and can be enjoyed warm or cold without the need for refrigeration. While I did enjoy the taste and flavor of the shot, the best thing about it was the energy kick. It's not mind blowing, it's not laser focus, it's not jittery, but it is exactly what you would expect from 140 mg of caffeine. With the 20% off coupon that can be found on their site these can be had for around $2-$3 a shot plus shipping, depending on the quantity that you order. Although the price may be on the higher end of most energy options, it is nice to know exactly what you're getting and also to save the calories from other energy drinks or sweetened coffees."

-Koltin; Personal Trainer and Baseball Coach

"Most of us are familiar with energy drinks. We might use them as an afternoon pick-me-up or pre-workout fix. Yet, we don’t usually reach for a coffee product. Why? Because it may not sit well or it might be too much volume. Your solution: The Jack Rabbit Cold Brew Energy Shot. This cold brew shot is packed in a 2oz bottle, which is easy to throw in your bag or pocket. With 140mg of caffeine, it has the perfect concentration. Enough to perk you up, but not enough to make you jittery. It’s created from regular cold brew that has 50mg of caffeine per ounce. Additional caffeine extract is added to make the shot more potent, which is derived from all natural Colombian Coffee. Once brewed, the coffee is mixed with a few simple ingredients and bottled at an FDA certified bottling company in Naples, FL."

-Brandon; PhD, CSCS, USAW, Postdoctoral Fellow University of Alabama at Birmingham

"I am a coffee, caffeine, and stimulant junkie. I admittedly enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, caramel macchiatos, cold brew, gas station coffee, and everything in between. My go to is 30oz of dark coffee (french press made), a little heavy whipping cream, coconut oil, and on occasion Splenda.

Last week, Johnny Muscle was sent a 6 pack of Jack Rabbit Cold Brew Coffee Energy shots from Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co. I was immediately impressed with the glass bottles, and the simple, all natural ingredient list. Soon as I opened the box, I fired one down. These things are legit.

The initial taste was room temp cold brewed coffee and caramel. It was exactly what it said it was. Nothing extravagant, just a very clean cold brewed coffee taste with a little caramel. After the first one, I started experimenting. I’ve tried it cold, mixed with heavy whipping cream, and my personal favorite, thrown in my 30oz coffee. It gives the coffee a little more horsepower without trashing the taste like many other coffee additives. No matter how you take it, Jack Rabbit is good to go. If you have followed Johnny Muscle for any amount of time, you know we are about performance. There are even a few products we regularly use and recommend, despite tasting so damn bad they are almost unbearable (you can check their reviews out on Johnny None the less, we still use them because they just work. Jack Rabbit Energy Shots leave nothing to be desired for performance and luckily for anyone trying them, you don’t have to worry about the horrible taste. Two ounces of awesome that packs a HUGE punch. You won’t be jittery or tweaked out like a lot of the other energy shots out there, but you will definitely know you took it. It makes an excellent pre workout or an extra kick in the pants when you need it. I just took the last of the 6 pack. I will be restocking very soon. Bottom line is, Jack Rabbit Energy Shots are #JohnnyMuscleApproved."

Instagram: @johnnymusclesas

Snapchat: johnny-muscle



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