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Body Positivity VS Fat Acceptance

fat shaming

The body positivity movement is not something new. It just feels like it popped out of nowhere because now we have high-speed Internet access. The movement started with the creation of the “Body Positive Organization” in 1996. However, people’s perception of this phenomenon changed over the years, and body positivity acquired new connotations.

Something that should have inspired people to become healthier, regardless of how they look, took a whole new direction. Nowadays, fat acceptance and body positivism are often used as synonyms.

Still, the body positive movement shouldn’t be used as an excuse to stop trying.  For example, this incredible guy, Zach from Texas, who was born without legs, can bench press 420 lbs. and doesn’t complain. That’s what it means to accept your body and make the most out of what it can do.

Body positivity and fat acceptance are two completely different things. Here’s why:

Claiming Body Positivity Is to Accept Yourself as You Are Right Now

As you may have read in my previous articles on, I had gotten tired of being overweight and having high blood pressure. It was high time to make a change, and I’m all the more thankful for doing so.

Don’t get me wrong. If someone is overweight, but their doctor tells them they’re as healthy as can be, no problem.

Unfortunately, those cases are statistically negligible. You’re more likely to have high blood pressure (like I did) and pop a vein when you least expect it if you’re overweight.

In my opinion, body positivity should mean one of these:

  • You’re happy with what nature endowed you, and have a healthy lifestyle.

  • You understand that you have a problem, but you don’t hate yourself for it. Instead, you try to better yourself through training and lifestyle changes.

  • You’re in the process of training, and it’s going slow. But you never settle. You know that with enough work, anything’s possible.

Fat Acceptance Is often Used as an Excuse for Obesity

Here’s the deal: Many overweight people who support the fat acceptance movement see themselves as being oppressed. But, generally speaking, that’s not what the fat acceptance crowd is preaching.  Don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t support fat shaming or being judgmental towards other people. It’s never okay to make fun of overweight people on the street. For all you know, they might be heading to the gym. But fat acceptance shouldn’t glorify obesity or be used as an excuse. Nor should it shame fitness.

What Should You Do?

Understand there’s nothing positive about unhealthy practices such as overeating or over-indulging in sweets, fast food, and sugary drinks.

Nothing positive can come out of getting deeper into a rut and postponing to make healthy changes. If you truly want to be body positive, take inspiration from our blog instead. Grab a few bits of useful info and start putting it into practice.

Of course, you’ll also need a bit of motivation to get you started. Get my personal story from here.

From there, you’ll find that through determination and hard work, nothing is out of reach.

Stop blaming genetics! Stop being the one who should and start being the one who could.



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