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All About BHB Salts

BHB Salts are known as Beta-Hydroxbutyrate which is a naturally found ketone that is produced inside our bodies. The free fatty acids are then broken down inside the liver. What you need to know about ketones is that they are a source of fuel many people utillize on a keto-based diet (high fat, moderate protein, and low carb). The benefits of a keto diet are that it provides satiety, helps protect against certain diseases, and is a great fuel source for those who cannot tolerate carbohydrates well.

bhb salts

Since the liver is always producing ketones this means ketones are always present in the bloodstream. The use of BHB Salts would help increase the amount of ketones produced in the body. Increased ketones can help prevent such diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and obesity, and in the generally healthy or athletic population, they can help increase athletic and mental performance. There has been some science to back all three of those points which I will address later in the article.

BHB Salts are compounds that consist of sodium and potassium. Many people are familiar with those as electrolyte sources to help performance and endurance. Even those who run a low carb diet can still function and benefit from the BHB Salts. These BHB Salts are held together by iconic bonds that help absorb into the bloodstream when producing ketones. When ketones are enhanced and more are produced this increases the output of the individual towards their exercise.

Even with ketones being acidic the combination of the BHB Salts acts a buffer to the acidity. Doing so acts as a diuretic. Even as you exercise you lose salt, electrolytes, and potassium. A lot of these BHB Salts will help increase sodium intake with ketones and help replenish the salt being lost. Doing so helps keep performance high and prevents drops in electrolytes and endurance. These are crucial during times of high intensity cardio, exercise, or performance based activities.

Why even supplement with BHB Salts?

- Ketones are a fuel source in the body and provide energy and alertness to our brains.

- Increased ketones can increase physical performance, endurance, and recovery

- People who run keto diets or have larger amounts of ketones have a higher satiety and have less hunger cravings.

- With less carbs and insulin spikes this helps increase insulin sensativity and normalize blood sugar levels.

- Ketones are a very strong antioxidant and have potent muscle sparing effects

- Electrolytes are essential for athletes when trying to perform at their best. BHB Salts are a key source of minerals, electrolytes, sodium, and potassium.

- Help fight Alzheimer's disease. Higher amounts of ketones helps produce MCT's to improve cognitive function in older adults.

-Ketones & BHB Salts can help combat obesity by decreasing levels of triglycerides in the body. Meaning a lower LDL Cholesterol, blood glucose level, and increased HDL cholesterol.

With the research and benefits very high it is no wonder why Primaforce has decided to release BHB salts in bulk powder. Not only are these a vital addition to anyone's supplement regiment, but the research is solid behind them. Improving our insulin sensitivity can help keep us lean regardless of our goal for any gym trainee. Let us not forget it can also help our grandparents who may be trying to fight off Alzheimer's. For the cost of the bulk powders you should highly consider BHB Salts and the benefits they can produce.



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