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Supplement Review: SI Nutrients Max Endurance

si nutrients maxendurance

The first of its kind, MAXENDURANCE combats the physiological effects of fatigue during both aerobic and anaerobic respiration! By slowing the breakdown of enzymes in muscular tissue caused by exercise, MAXENDURANCE significantly improves physical endurance and athletic performance!

Specifically targeting the mechanisms that lead to fatigue, MAXENDURANCE prevents the buildup of reactive oxygen species by boosting GSH (glutathione) levels in the body's blood and cells. Unfortunately, the human body only stores a limited supply of GSH naturally, and when this supply runs out, reactive oxygen species begin to accumulate and damage enzymes in the muscle. Once this damage reaches a certain level, the effects of fatigue begin to set in.

The Si Nutrients team has discovered the most effective way to boost GSH levels in your body's blood and muscle cells during exercise. This allows those using MAXENDURANCE to increase his or her physical capabilities, endurance, and force output to levels previously not obtainable.

The great thing about our product is that it was designed to specifically combat the causes of fatigue. Because of this, MAXENDURANCE works during both anaerobic and aerobic respiration. Think weight lifting and long distance running.

maxendurance si

SI Nutrients is the first company to discover the significant role glutathione has in reducing the effects of fatigue. We used our knowledge in the medical field of a completely safe and commonly used molecule known to greatly increase GSH levels during the treatment of cystic fibrosis and acetaminophen overdose, but is completely unique and original to the supplement and fitness world. The results have been better than ever hoped.

Product Highlights:

-Extends time to fatigue by up to 30%

-Boosts force output by up to 15%

-Increases VO2Max by up to 7%

-Increases blood NO levels

-Increases Airway Conductance

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Each bottle of MAXENDURANCE has 120 capsules. At a recommend dosage of 5 capsules per use, each bottle supplements 24 workouts. To achieve maximum results, take 5 capsules with a glass of water, 60 minutes before exercise!

All ingredients in MAXENDURACE have been thoroughly tested and are in complete compliance for the IOC, NCAA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and the World Anti-Doping Code.


As the owner of Modern Athletic Health, I wanted to test this product personally, as I have some experience with GSH deficiency as well as supplementing to boost my GSH levels. My training style for general health and wellness is fairly more intense than the average gym goer. I was a high school and college football player, so I have always pushed myself harder than most. Now age 28, I still refuse to compromise the intensity of my workouts and utilize a mix of heavy weight training, interval cardio training, weighted carries, low intensity cardio, and high rep/volume training to constantly challenge myself and stay in the best health and shape possible. The problem with INTENSE training is that it has a whole host of negative effects that happen within the body if rest, recovery and nutrition are not emphasized. Even when they are, high performance athletes and high intensity gym-goers need an extra edge to keep performing at their peak.

I have used this product for 3 weeks (roughly 14-17 workouts) and I was able to see some very promising results. The thing that I immediately noticed was my ability to move through workouts faster; I needed less rest time between sets and exercises. I also noticed some modest increases in strength for my heavy lifts (press, bench, squat, deadlift, clean, sled pushes) which falls in line with manufacturer's claims of increased time to fatigue and increased force output. GSH is also critical in reducing myalgia (muscle pain). When you train hard, you are bound to have some nagging strains and pains. Boosting your GSH levels can help tremendously with relieving these pains and allowing you to train as hard as you want and need to!

Visit SI Nutrients today and give this product a try!



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