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Pumpkin Spice - If you know MAN Sports their flavoring is top of the line in the supplement industry. This pumpkin spice iso-amino coffee creamer is exactly what you would expect. The flavoring gives you hints of cinnamon and nutmeg with a strong and sweet pumpkin flavor. All of the coffee creamers from MAN have a very sweet aftertaste to them, so for those who do not like very sweet things this may turn them off. The pumpkin flavoring is not like a true pumpkin puree, but the amount given in the product helps flavor 12-16oz of coffee with ease. This is without using a full scoop. Strong Flavor, middle of the road pumpkin flavoring, and good hints of pumpkin spice in each and every sip mixed with your coffee. You can easily replicate a Pumpkin spice latte with a half scoop of the coffee creamer, dash of cinnamon, and a touch of fat free cool whip.


If you mix 1/2 scoop into 8-12oz of coffee it leaves no clumps. I mix this with a knife or a spoon and it instantly dissolves. Even if I use upward to 3/4-1 full scoop the flavoring may be strong, but mixability is not changed. This dissolves just as easy as the rest of the MAN line of supplements. Never had a single issue.


The Iso-Amino Coffee Creamer is the Iso-Amino formula. Very straight forward and giving you just BCAA's. The reason I prefer this so much is:

1) I love coffee

2) It provides flavoring for far cheaper then getting a Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks specialty coffee

3) Provides BCAA's for those who drink coffee pre-workout , or those who train fasted and want a BCAA pulse.

All 3 of these fit the bill for me, so it is a wise investment, not the mention if you are someone who loves pumpkin it will keep you happy year round when pumpkin flavored products go out of stock!


20$ for each container. This is very reasonable considering you do not even need to use a full scoop on each use. The flavoring is so strong you could 1/4 or 1/2 scoop into your coffee. For the amount of flavoring this provides in your coffee this is very cost effective and saves you from dropping lots of money for sugar bombs at Starbucks. Easily a wise investment for coffee lovers.

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