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Oh Yeah! One Pumpkin Pie Bar Review

oh yea pumpkin pie bar

Taste Pumpkin Pie – The first thing I noted when biting into this bar was the Cinnamon Roll base is very similar in Pumpkin Pie. That is a good thing though. Pumpkin Pie should have a strong sense of cinnamon and pumpkin spices. Another thing this bar has over Quest and Fitjoy. You do get hints of nutmeg and a dash of clove as you make your way through the bar. Fitjoy gets the upper hand when it comes to pumpkin puree taste, but there is a still a good ratio of pumpkin flavoring in this bar. The bar balances the pumpkin and pumpkin spices very well which makes this my favorite pumpkin bar on the market. Not only does it provide a great texture, the flavoring is great for a pumpkin bar, and what you would expect from Oh Yeah One. Texture Out of the wrapper Oh Yeah Bars are soft. They also contain a nice glaze on top of the bar. The inside has a cake like consistency, which is very good. Easily, Oh Yeah one is a quality bar that provides a good texture. These are very similar to Grenade Bars. I would say a touch harder then Missions 1 (Very soft), and less dense than quest.

oh yea bar texture


oh yea bar formula

8g Fat 24g Carbs 21g Protein A combination of WPI and MPI for the protein sources in this protein bar. Both which are of very high quality and another reason why I do enjoy the One Bars. The ingredient list on these bars is a touch smaller then some companies out there, but I find them to settle a bit easier then many others on the market. I personally enjoy them greatly and their bars are around 200 calories. 200 seems to be a common average among protein bars for a good snack that is high in protein. Cost Since this was a very new release it was 28$ a box + Shipping. Yes it was a bit costly, and almost 3$ a bar, but for most places you walk into you may end up paying that much for a bar. I assume the price will drop around 22-24$ a box once these do hit major retailers. If you want to hop on the Pumpkin train because you love it, I would suggest it, or hold out for a small price drop.



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