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Supplement Review: MitoXCell SuperFood

mitoxcell superfood

MitoXcell Superood Blend is a unique product packed with ingredients that will benefit almost anyone from any walk of life. From top performing athletes, to sedentary people who may need a kick-start to their new workout regimen, MitoXcell can offer a whole range of benefits because it will strengthen mitochondria and increase endurance.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients:

RAW CACAO – Real, cold pressed Raw Cacao powder improves mitochondrial functions and boosts cardiovascular health.

ECHINACEA – Boosts metabolism, and is high in antioxidants which help strengthen the immune system.

L-CARNITINE – Improves heart health, brain function, muscle movement, and post-workout recovery.

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID – Breaks down carbohydrates, regulates blood sugar, improves mental sharpness, fights fatigue, and reduces stress.

TRANS-RESVERATROL – Lowers bad cholesterol, and decreasing both pain and inflammation. It also reduces visible signs of aging and counteracts the negative effects of stress.

mitoxcell ingredients

Product Highlights:

  • Gluten Free

  • No Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients

  • Vegan

  • Non-GMO

  • Minimally Processed

  • Works at the cellular level

  • Mimics 20 Minutes of Exercise

  • Doctor Developed​

What is MitoXcell Superfood Blend and the “Big 5?”

MitoXcell Superfood Blend is a perfectly balanced formula of 5 natural ingredients proven to increase and strengthen your mitochondria. This one-of-a-kind formula is blended with organic nutrients and important amino acids. MitoXcell Superfood Blend contains the “BIG 5” – raw cacao, L-carnitine, transresveratrol, Echinacea, and alpha lipoic acid. This unique powdered supplement is clinically proven to help rebuild your cells by strengthening preexisting mitochondria and growing stronger ones. Healthy mitochondria will boost your body’s performance, promote heart health, and stimulate the brain. Furthermore, you are building a more solid cellular foundation so that you can perform at your peak level every day. MitoXcell Superfood Blend will help you become a “BETTER – FASTER – STRONGER” – YOU!

Why mitochondrial support?

Your mitochondria are the power plants of the cells in your body. They act as little factories that help to convert the air you breathe and the food you eat into usable energy. In turn, that energy fuels the body in its daily functions. As we grow older, our mitochondria lose its youthful strength. The ability to create stronger, more efficient mitochondria decreases. With MitoXcell Superfood Blend, the aging body will, once again, be able to rejuvenate your already existing mitochondria while creating new, more powerful mitochondria. The stronger your mitochondria, the better your body will perform and the faster you will be able to recover from your daily activities. A daily dose of MitoXcell is clinically proven to fortify your mitochondria and counteract this otherwise unavoidable biological breakdown. Increase your overall health, endurance, energy, and boost your metabolism with the Original MitoXCell formula.

mitoxcel benefits


My experience with this product for the first 3 weeks has been right on point with the product as marketed. I have been using 2 heaping Teaspoons of MitoXcell each morning; most mornings I mix it directly with black coffee, but some days I just take it straight. It tastes delicious! From day 1, I noticed an increase in mental alertness as well as better energy and lowered stress throughout the day.

Over the first few weeks, I noticed the benefits of increased metabolism. I was tightening up in terms of body fat, without really changing any other variables. After cheat meals/days it seemed that there was not as much spillover. In other words, my increased metabolism was able to handle the increased calories, and the result was fuller muscles and less watery bloat.

MitoXcell Superfood is extremely versatile. As mentioned, I use it in coffee or just take it straight if I’m having chocolate cravings. The company website also has many recipes to check out. There are brownies, peanut butter cups, and a whole bunch of healthy ideas that incorporate MitoXcell.

Overall, I rank this product very high. I highly recommend it for all walks of life, as having healthy functioning mitochondria and endurance is important to all humans, not just athletes. The benefits of this product go on and on, and on top of it all it’s delicious!



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