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Mini Foam Roller to the Rescue


We recently came across a cool little product from One of those "why didn't I think of that" type products that turns out to be incredibly clever and useful. After years of football and weight training, I certainly have some strong hands and forearms, but that strength hasn't come without hours of squeezing bars and jamming or breaking fingers over the years. I have been using my RistRoller® for about two weeks now at the end of the day and I can honestly say my hand and forearms pain and tightness has dramatically reduced. I also coach high school football and just finished up our summer camp practices which (in addition to my day job and gym/cardio training) have had me on my feet for 14+ hours a day for about two weeks. I have been using the mini roller on my feet at night before bed to alleviate tightness and soreness, resulting in a better night's sleep and less leg pain the following morning.

It's no secret as to how and why foam rolling works, so there is no need for me to get into that in this article. But until now, there hasn't really been a product I could use to hit those small and tough to reach spots. Enter RistRoller®.

Many others share our opinions as to the effectiveness and versatility of this product.

  • "I have found that using the RistRoller® for trigger finger has been an asset to my private practice. It has decreased the length of treatment + also enables the patient to remain pain free long after discharge." ~William Herro, PT

  • Dr. Sunita Shailam of Sun Health Medical recommends RistRoller® as an "easy carpal tunnel solution."

  • "I am an Occupational Therapist who works with many patients who have orthopedic issues from broken bones to ligament tears. I have recently purchased a physician approved medical device which has significantly helped many of my patients alleviate pain + expedite the speed of their recovery. The Rist Roller®, a simple foam roller perfectly designed to target the muscles in the forearm, is an easy to use device which can be used on many ailments from sore muscles to carpal tunnel pain. The simple back + forth motion of the Rist Roller® can stimulate sensory input to the forearm + hand, increasing blood flow, while targeting + releasing muscular tension + increasing range of motion following surgery. This device has enabled many of my patients to continue outpatient therapy in their own homes." ~Laura Kevlin, Occupational Therapist, CA

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