USP Labs Modern Protein Caramel Cookie Stix Review

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Taste Being this is a flavor never seen on the market before, this one peaked my interest. Caramel and Cookies I have a slight inclination on what to expect, the Stix aspect left me a bit confused. Upon first sip of the shake I made, caramel is the dominant flavor. The caramel packed a thick, sweet, and sugary flavor that was absolutely fantastic. The bad part is the cookie portion was left under flavored, and there was no sign of “Stix”. The best comparison is having a Twix Bar and imagine just having the caramel filling. Salted Caramel or Sea Salt Caramel would be an alternative name for this protein flavor. Needless to say, the caramel flavoring on this product is superb. Loaded with a bold and dense flavor that left a long lasting aftertaste. A+ On the caramel flavor, but a slightly misleading name.

Mixability Modern Protein is on the thin side. Upon mixing it to your desire it will start to dissolve on its own. Even with a spoon mixed into a shake (as some others have noted) it dissolves in a heartbeat. I got right into baking with this protein, as that is what I am well known for. This protein powder makes baked goods rise to their peak, and makes for a great final product.


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USP Labs uses a triple isolate matrix containing MPI, WPI Hydrolized WPI. In the modern protein blend there are also forms of WPC and Casein. Compared to the Oxy Elite Protein there was a drop in the Rapid Burn Lipid Complex (MCT, Green Tea and Raspberry Ketones) while still keeping in the High Oleic Sunflower Oil. The Formula’s are a bit different overall but the Modern Protein contains a higher Isolate content. Due to the higher isolate content is also reasoning behind the Mixability and thinness of the powder.

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