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MAN Sports Clean Protein Review


Peanut Butter Bits Peanut Butter Bits has small images that look similar to Reese pieces on the front of the label. I know one thing, and that is that MAN gives you exactly what you are expecting and that is a legit Reese pieces flavor in each and every sip/bite of this protein. Instantly you get a large, dense, and flavorful peanut butter flavor. Think about stirring a peanut butter jar you just bought from the supermarket together and licking the spoon. Take the outer chocolate shell that gives the perfect compliment to peanut butter with a milk chocolate after taste. Put two and two together and you have a replica of Reese pieces. Cookie Stuffed Cookie Judging by the picture on the front of the label I expected an Oreo and chocolate chip cookie mixture. There is one thing for sure; this flavor does not lack in Chocolate Chip Cookie dough taste. I almost thought I was eating CCCD ice cream from one of my favorite places (Handel’s). The ratio breakdown of CCCD to oreo flavoring is in strong favor of chocolate chip cookie dough around 80% and 20 % oreo flavoring. Both chocolate go hand in hand with each other and a small sweet cream aftertaste that is the icing on the cake to the dense cookie dough. Truly remarkable flavor here, for those who love cookies or cookie dough, do not hesitate to buy this flavor. Mixability MAN Clean Protein is a blend of protein and has no Mixability issues at all. I found this to mix similar to most protein blends such as PES Select and XF 2.0. While they come out a touch thicker than regular whey proteins, I found no clumps. I mixed my protein in several ways:

1) Protein shake with 6oz cashew milk 2) With water in a cup to make sludge/protein powder 3) Baking, and even when mixed with several dry ingredients there was no issues.

Formula This is the Formula makeup for Chocolate:

clean protein label

As you can see this Is one of the first open labels for a protein powder. Listing each and every amount of their protein breakdown. 8g of WPI, 9g of WPC, and 6g of Casein & Milk Protein Isolate. Besides that there is flavoring and an added thickener in Xanthan Gum. If you are looking for a protein powder that is not hiding anything and true to its label, this is one to consider. Cost Luckily this was almost cut in half when I got this. After my experience and the flavor of this protein it was worth every penny. MAN sports are known for quality flavoring, and they continue to deliver. If you are scared of the price tag then perhaps wait for a sale. Either way, you wont be disappointed.



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