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Purus Labs PB2 Protein Review

pb2 protein

Taste Chocolate –If I had to describe this flavor it would be similar to a peanut butter snickers without the nuts. The blend of chocolate and peanut butter go hand in hand with a slight favor in terms of chocolate. The PB2 is shadowed to a slight degree behind the milk chocolate flavoring. The milk chocolate Purus Labs uses is very pure and rich in flavor. This helps make the PB2 element shine when combined in this flavor. With the PB2 coming in as a strong aftertaste it gives you that candy element which is delicious. While this is not a true peanut butter cup as you would expect from a Chocolate based protein with PB2 added, it has a similar vibe to it. None the less easily one of the best Chocolate & PB options on the market. Mixability Purus Labs PB2 Protein is a blend composed of WPI/WPC/Casein. Similar to other blends on the market be prepared for this to mix thicker than a normal whey. Myofeed has a nice thickness to a protein shake, and helps make a thicker protein pudding. Personally when mixing with a protein shake, in a protein pudding, or baking I have had no problems with this protein. It is safe to say it mixes fairly easy. Formula

The protein blend is made up of WPI, WPC, and Casein. I have had myofeed in the past and it does mix up thick, but settles easy. The added PB2 blend is PB2 added to help give the peanut butter flavoring. There is also Xanthan gum added for thickness and vitafiber. A very straight forward and effective formula . Cost Most places retail a 2 lbs. tub for around $27-$28, which on the protein market is pretty standard now a days. You get what you pay for. Purus Labs is known for their “Truth” to their supplements. You are getting what you pay for when it comes to a quality protein powder that will be meeting label claims (no amino spiking worries here). Keep your eyes peeled for promotions or sales on Purus' social media accounts which could see this dip to the $20 range for 2 lbs. which would be a great pickup.



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