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Coach Spotlight: Koltin Korompai

Koltin Korompai is a personal trainer from Austin, Texas. He offers customized training plans, supplement recommendations, and nutritional recommendations. Koltin also specializes in athletic training for baseball players.

What are your certifications/qualifications?

I am currently certified as a fitness and personal trainer through ISSA and NCSF.

What are your strengths/assets as a trainer?

Some of my strengths as a trainer include understanding the science of exercise physiology (I am a senior majoring in Exercise sports science at Texas State University), but also my knowledge of a wide variety of training principles as I have used them throughout my athletic and fitness careers. Being a coach and trainer for a baseball academy I also focus in sport specific functional strength, speed, and explosive movements to enhance sports performance.

What is your biggest professional (training) achievement?

My biggest professional training achievement is adding 9 mph to one of my players pitching velocity in 4 months through a combination of mechanic work, strength work, and functional explosion work.

How long have you been a trainer/been training yourself?

I have been a certified trainer since the start of 2016 but have been a trainer for a baseball academy for 2 years.

Why did you become a trainer?

I became a trainer because of my love for the gym and for fitness. There is also no greater reward than helping to motivate and empower someone towards their dreams.

What is your training/coaching philosophy?

My personal training philosophy is all about efficiency. I myself do and recommend high intensity workouts for most people and their fitness goals but also to respect the time of others I believe that doing the most work in the smallest amount of time is generally best.

What are your areas of a specialty/what are you most passionate about when it comes to training?

I specialize in strength, speed, and functional explosion. I was a multi-sport athlete for several years but I have also done most of my training work with athletes. As a teenager I competed in wrestling, soccer, football, power lifting, track, and baseball. Baseball has always been my first love and is the sport that I played at the highest level.

What can clients expect when working with you?

Both online and personal face-to-face clients can expect me to be supportive, motivating, and readily available for any needs or questions they might have. They can also expect me to be flexible with some of my recommendations and ideas to best fit their goals and schedule.


My pricing is very simple. For personal training I charge $125 dollars a month. This includes a full workout plan that is personally catered to each clients goal and needs, supplement recommendations, diet recommendations (not meal plans), and access to my personal number for prompt advice and help. For athletes it is $150 a month, which includes everything I just listed plus analysis of video (hitting, pitching, and even fielding)

Contact Koltin:

Phone: (254) 541-2516

Instagram: @Kor.athletics



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