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D3 Quarterback Will Arndt looks toward NFL

Quarterback. Signal Caller. Leader. Captain. He holds the team's destiny in his hands every offensive snap. So how can a guy from a small Division 3 school in Connecticut even be mentioned in the same breath as the NFL?

Simple -- talent and results.

Will Arndt, a Sandy Hook, Conn. native and graduate of Western Connecticut State University (where I also played) in Danbury, Conn. is currently in the conversation as the best Division 3 quarterback entering the 2016 NFL Draft class. Will was kind enough to take some time out his busy schedule to answer some questions for us and give us a peak inside the mind of a kid from a small school who has his eyes set on the biggest goal imaginable.

Modern Athletic Health:

You've had a very busy off season so far. Tell us a little about what you've experienced leading up to this point and since graduating.


It's been a crazy off season to say the least. I've been doing a lot of traveling with the off season demands and I've been able to see the country along the way. It started way back in December at the FCS Bowl which was a great experience and got me great exposure. Then I actually worked at Danbury hospital for 2 months not knowing what to expect from football but continued to train for the NFL Regional Combine at the Cardinals facility in Arizona. I was able to train at EXOS in Phoenix from that point forward which was awesome and met a lot of great people there as well. I trained everyday with guys invited to the NFL combine in Indianapolis and with guys already in the NFL. After that I had my Pro day at Fordham University and threw for another Pro Day in Colorado. Since then I've had workouts for different teams in the NFL and CFL.

Modern Athletic Health:

What's your 2-3 biggest strengths on the field, What do you do best?


The thing that I'm most proud of as a football player and my game is that if you ask my teammates they know that my preparation and time I put into football is unmatched. Whether that's film study, weight room, field work, and everything else involved; I pride myself on my work ethic and dedication towards football. But I like to think that I have a big arm to make all the throws and that I'm mentally sharp when it comes to the X and O's and translating it to the game.

Modern Athletic Health:

What would you tell kids in high school or college now who want the opportunity to go pro but may not necessarily be in the best position to do so? What tips can you give them?


Well hopefully they can look at me and my story and find hope that no matter where you play or where you're from, that it is possible. Understand the cards may be dealt against you and you have to be fully committed to the process from the time you get into school. The finished product is simply a culmination of a lot of early mornings and long nights over the years. My advice to any aspiring athlete is don't listen to people who say you can't do something, or else myself and a lot of others would not have gotten this far. And get your degree! I graduated this past December and it's nice knowing you can come back and have a good job because you graduated.

Modern Athletic Health:

Talk a little about your experience at WCSU.


I had an awesome experience at WCSU. We came from humble beginnings with the football program being 0-10 my freshman year to 8-2 my junior year and winning a bowl game. And in my senior year I broke most of the QB records at our school which was awesome. I'll always be grateful to my school, coaches and teammates for that. But for me to be mentioned in the same breath as the NFL and CFL is flattering, but I've also put in the work to get there! I'm excited to see where I end up and start my career! I've wanted this since I was a little kid, and now it's time to make it happen.

Modern Athletic Health:

Any Draft Day expectations or predictions?


I'm more of a free agent deal guy for the NFL but can't count out being a late round pick, I've heard from some sources. I've drawn a lot of interest from numerous CFL teams and am absolutely willing to go that route if it's the best decision/fit to start my career. I'm in this for the long haul. Ask any of my former teammates or people that know me, I want to make a career out of this and become an elite QB by the time it is all said and done.

Modern Athletic Health:

Talk a little about your training in preparation for the next level.


A lot of the training we did at EXOS was related to the drills at the combine. But we did a lot of training to train the body and the nervous system to be as explosive as possible with certain movements that translate to football and the drills. We did a lot of our exercises on Keiser machines to track our power output for each rep and compare those numbers to previous workouts. We would do two a days where field work was in the morning and then weights in the afternoon. They do a great job with taking care of you and with the recovery part of exercising. I loved my time there, learned a bunch, and would like to go back someday for preseason prep for my body.


With his 6'5" 215lb. frame, Arndt is already scoring points with NFL and CFL scouts on that alone. But his arm strength and ability to make plays from inside and outside the pocket make him a dual threat in a league where you truly need it all to be successful. Critics of Arndt - and division 3 players in general - may say that he has not faced elite talent and is unproven at higher levels. However, looking at his career stats below, I think we can all agree it takes a special athlete to put up the numbers that Arndt did in college. I know it would personally be a great victory to say I played at a school that produced an NFL quarterback. And, after personally reviewing film of Arndt, I believe it is a question of when, not if, he will get his shot to prove himself among the pro's.

Photo Source:

Will Arndt, QB, Western Connecticut State University

School record holder:

  • Passing yards in a career (7,940)

  • Total Offense in a career (9,248 yards)

  • Passing TD’s in a career (73)

  • Total TD’s in a career: 91 (73 Passing, 17 Rushing, 1 at WR)

  • 2nd longest run in school history (92 yards)

Single season records: (2015, 10 games)

  • Most passing yards in a season (3,012 yards)

  • Most passing TD’s in a season (32 TDs) to only 5 int’s/turnovers

  • Most total TD’s in a season (37)

  • Most passing TD’s in a game (7)

Other Accolades:

  • 3-Time Team Captain

  • 2x All MASCAC Academic Team

  • 8-time MASCAC Player of the Week

  • 2-time New England Football Writers Gold Helmet Award recipient

  • ECAC Northeast Player of the Week

  • 0-10 coming into program in 2011 to 8-2 ECAC Northeast Bowl Champs in 2013

  • Led the 1st ranked offense in the conference, Top 10 offense in NCAA (2015)

  • Have thrown for 400+ yards, ran for 100+ yards, and had a 100+ yard receiving game in span of career at WCSU



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