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Supplement Review: Evomuse TESTRUCTION

As the name implies, Evomuse Testruction is a product designed to absolutely dominate testosterone production and is touted as a 'masculinity booster' which is a rather unique way of promoting a supplement. Our tester has used Testruction for 8 weeks and the results have been nothing short of amazing. But before we get into that, here is some info on the product directly from the manufacturer:

"Testruction claims its rightful place in the top seated EvoMuse brand. Testruction's formula will help optimize your test levels and androgen responsiveness for maximum performance and muscle gain, dramatically increase physical performance, endurance, and libido, harden your physique, increase blood flow resulting in stronger, harder erections, and give you that mental boost and aggressive push you need to satisfy your hunger both in the gym and in the bedroom. Testruction has been formulated to optimize testosterone levels and androgen receptor responsiveness for maximum muscle gain, as well as libido and sexual performance. This unique formula, based on the most current research, is designed to make you perform better in the gym and the bedroom with a multi-angled approach to help optimize a few of your favorite things in life."

Supplement Facts E. Ulmoides 500mg Butea Superba 200mg Long jack 100:1 100mg Naringenin/cyclodextrin complex 50mg Maca 20:1 100mg Morinda officinalis F. C. 300mg Astragalus Membranaceous 300mg

So now that you know what's in Testruction and what it's supposed to do, you probably want to know if Evomuse delivers on its claims for this product. The answer is an astounding yes. Although we could not get blood work to back up the results, the anecdotal evidence and feedback from our tester was extremely promising. Our tester, a 27 year old male with a known history of hypogonadism (low testosterone) reported some great effects from the product. Initial effects which took place within the first several days of use were increased mood, increased energy levels, more restful sleep, and increases in body temperature. These effects grew stronger over the course of his 8 weeks on the product (and he actually has no plans to come off the product).

He also immediately noticed a more pronounced response to training regarding muscle pumps, training intensity and aggression, and increased work capacity. He reported an increase in the 'mind-muscle connection' and being able to feel the target muscles (contraction) much more than usual.

The tester reported the most significant effects of this product to be improved mood and productivity. Many men with low or sub-optimal testosterone levels report that daily tasks at work and at home can seem daunting and stressful. Our tester reports some of the most productive and energetic weeks he has had in years.

So what are the drawbacks? There cannot be a natural miracle product for testosterone boosting without some side effects, right? Well--yes, and no. At around the 3 week mark, our tester began noticing some unwanted estrogenic side effects including water retention, puffy nipples, and a poor response to training. The reason being that because of the powerful ingredients in Testruction, and its proven ability to raise testosterone, the body began to raise estrogen as well to keep a proper balance (homeostasis). The fix for this was incredibly quick and easy. For weeks 4-8 the tester added in the aromatase inhibitor (AI) Letrone from Black Lion Research. Letrone is one of the strongest over-the-counter AI's available and 2 caps daily of Letrone was able to knock out estrogen side effects completely within just 3 days. Due to our tester's results, we HIGHLY suggest stacking Testruction with Letrone.

After adding the Letrone, our tester reported almost daily changes to his body composition including pronounced muscle hardness and fullness, decreases in belly, chest, and lower back fat, and decreases in water weight. Additionally, the addition of Letrone seemed to amplify the positive libido effects of Testruction.

For a product that claims what many others do, Testruction actually delivers. We highly recommend and endorse this product (stacked with Letrone).

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