Supplement Review: Animal Whey Mocha Cappuccino Protein

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Taste Mocha Cappuccino - A cappuccino by nature is an Italian coffee drink that is traditionally prepared with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. I mixed 6oz of almond milk with a few ice cubes and 1 scoop of the whey. Upon first sip you get a very subtle light roast coffee flavor. It reminds me of a blonde roast you would grind and make at your own house. It is not overpowering per say, but it gives you that minimal mocha feeling. The real kicker comes in the aftertaste where the cappuccino really shines. The aftertaste is a dense steamed milk or cream you would use in a coffee. The taste builds up on you as you continue to drink the beverage and the flavor really sinks in. Do not let this one pass you up if you are a coffee fan. While it may seem a bit weak at first sip, just let the aftertaste blow your taste buds away. Being a coffee fan, this takes the top spot for me.

Mixability Superb. Mixes thicker than some of the other flavors. Usually Animal Whey is on the thin side, this really thickened up in my magic bullet after blending for 15-20 seconds. Came out similar to a thicker blend that combines MPI or forms of Casein. Overall no clumps and started to disperse upon touching the milk. Formula

*This is a different flavor but the ingredient profile is very similar.

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-The Mocha Cappuccino has only 2g of carbs compared to 4 in some of the other flavors.

-The Animal Whey complex contains WPI, WPC followed by mocha cappuccino flavors. The thickness comes from the xanthan gum and cellulose gum.

-The nice benefit to this profile is the added digestive enzyme blend which many will enjoy. It settles super easy and may be tolerable for those who have a slight lactose issue.

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