Grocery Store Survival Guide

As a new year is once again underway, many people find themselves making the resolution to get healthy and eat right. Fitness all starts in the kitchen; “you are what you eat”, and food is fuel for the body to function properly.

So where to begin? The supermarket! You need to stock your home with the right foods! Some people may find going to the supermarket a daunting task- especially being that there are so many different name brands for the same products, products claiming to be “non-fat, low fat, low sugar, sugar free, all natural, organic, enriched with vitamins and minerals , etc”, and overall an overabundance of ‘enticing’ highly processed foods that are unhealthy and provide minimal nutritional value.

Want to make smart choices and survive grocery shopping so you can follow through on your resolution to eat right and get healthy? Here are some tips to keep you on track and from wandering around in the supermarket:

  1. Do NOT go grocery shopping when you are hungry or in a rush!

  2. PLAN AHEAD! Plan out your meals/snacks for the week and create a grocery list prior to shopping. Stick to the items and aisles in which those items are located!

  3. Shop along the PERIMETER of the store! Typically the perimeter of most supermarkets will contain the healthier food choices while the center aisles tend to be highly processed foods ( Of course there are some exceptions to this rule such as teas, coffees, spices, and nut butters. See diagram below for sample layout of supermarket). Remember: Fruits, veggies, and meats are your best friends (these are located on the perimeter)!

  4. Read food labels and choose quality ingredients! Know what you are putting in your body.

Hopefully with these basic beginner tips you will be able to better navigate thru the supermarket and make smart food choices to keep to your resolutions of becoming a healthier, better you! GOOD LUCK, HAPPY SHOPPING!

By Ashely Otte

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